2023 GivingTuesday Results

Check out our 2023 GivingTuesday impact breakdown to see how The Giving Economy™ supported incredible charitable causes this year.

GivingTuesday is officially over and we’re thrilled to see the impact that was created for charitable causes! Across the United States, donors contributed $3.1 billion to nonprofits during this year’s GivingTuesday celebration—a modest increase of 0.6% from 2022. While this is still a substantial contribution, the stagnation in donation growth and donor participation is a reminder that we all have a responsibility to come together to support causes and communities in need. 

For brands and retailers, this presents an opportunity to continue prioritizing your social impact initiatives to support the causes you and your customers care about most, and the organizations behind them. 

Every year we look forward to seeing the special donation campaigns that our merchant partners activate for this global day of generosity, and this year, as anticipated, we saw some incredible and unique campaigns. If you’re looking to get involved in supporting nonprofits and enabling positive social change moving into the new year, schedule time to strategize with our team.

To celebrate the accomplishments of this year’s GivingTuesday celebration and to inspire continued giving, we’re sharing a breakdown of the impact that was created by The Giving Economy™.

GivingTuesday Campaign Highlights

Coach rewarded their loyalty members by increasing their donation amount from 1% to 5% on all online purchases

Coach wanted to reward their loyalty members, so they increased their usual donation amount of 1% and donated 5% to the cause of their customer’s choice on all Coach Insider purchases for GivingTuesday.

Veronica Beard donated $10 per purchase

Veronica Beard wanted to maximize their impact, so they doubled their evergreen donation amount and donated $10 towards No Kid Hungry for every online purchase on GivingTuesday.

Traditional Medicinals donated 25% on all purchases

Traditional Medicinals wanted to make a larger impact on their evergreen nonprofit partners, so they increased their donation amount to 25% for GivingTuesday in support of WomenServe, Botanical Bus, and Conservation International Foundation.

Esker Beauty donated 25% on a specific product

Esker Beauty focused on the thematic connection between a specific product and the aligned cause. Specifically, they donated 25% towards The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation on every online purchase of their Protect Pollinators Set on GivingTuesday. 

MiiR rewarded their customers with a 25% discount when they added a donation to their purchase

MiiR wanted to incentivize their customers to create a donation with their purchase, so they rewarded their customers with a 25% discount when they chose to add-on a donation to their online purchase for GivingTuesday.

Make an Impact in Q4 with a Holiday Giving Strategy that Extends Beyond Cyber Week

Continuing your existing or implementing a new donation strategy during Q4 and the holiday season can be a powerful way to foster goodwill amongst customers while also driving substantial bottom-line growth.

With a surge in consumer spending and also heightened focus on those less fortunate during this time, aligning with a charitable cause and initiating donation campaigns can help your business tap into consumers’ desire to shop with purpose. 

This is made even more important in light of the static donation amounts and diminishing number of donors from this year’s GivingTuesday and has put additional strain on nonprofits' abilities to meet their financial goals and, as a result, hinder their capacity to deliver critical services to communities in need.

Here are some quick recommendations to keep the giving going and support the nonprofit community through the new year:

  • Run a flash giving event where you increase donations for a 24-hour timeframe.
  • Increase donation amounts on a specific product or product collection that aligns with the cause.
  • Empower customers to round up or add-on a donation amount to their purchase and consider matching those donations to sweeten the deal.
  • Offer a discount incentive when customers create a donation on their purchase (i.e. donate $1, get a 10% discount).
  • Spread the word of your holiday giving through homepage banners, email, and social media marketing to let your customers know how you’re making an impact.

Every year we continue to be grateful at seeing the impact that The Giving Economy™ creates for charitable causes. While the excitement around Cyber Week and GivingTuesday is past us, we encourage you to continue driving impact through the holiday season to lay the groundwork for a more prosperous and successful new year.

For more tactical recommendations on how your business can implement a holiday giving strategy, check out our 2023 Holiday Guide for Giving and Brand Growth.

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