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Motivate giving, build loyalty, and drive bottom-line growth with customizable features that inspire customers

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Empowering top brands to grow through impact

Store Donation on Purchase

Power donations on everyday transactions

Establish a meaningful and lasting bond with your customers upon purchase. The memorable interaction leaves them connected, excited to share, and more likely to return.
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Add-on Donation

Enable customer-powered donations

Empower customers to maximize impact on purchases by providing them the opportunity to add-on a flat donation amount of their choice.

Enhance Your Impact through Customer Round-Up Donations

Enable customers to give a higher purpose to their purchases through customizable donation options that inspire deeper customer engagement.
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Action-Based Impact

Trigger impact throughout the Customer Journey

Enable donations on everyday actions (e.g. newsletter opt-in, social share, in-person activations) to drive engagement and create an impact anytime, anywhere. You define the actions making for unlimited possibilities.
Post-Purchase Donation

Extend giving to in-store customers

Easily including bricks & mortar shoppers in your social impact strategy to maximize your brand’s impact.
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Targeting Segment

Segment customers — maximize results

Engage select customers with giving opportunities that resonate. Motivate your highest LTV customers, those who have never purchased, or an audience with a specific category affinity to make an impact. The segments you can target are endless
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Plug-n-Play Integrations with Commerce’s Leading Solutions

Hit the ground running! ShoppingGives seamlessly integrates with the tech you already have including industry leading ecommerce platforms, email service providers, customer loyalty solutions, and much more.

Project Purpose, Boost Customer Engagement, and Drive Increased Sales

Scale your brand’s social impact with ShoppingGives.