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Thousands of businesses of all sizes – from DTC retailers to Enterprise brands – use ShoppingGives to launch, scale, and optimize their charitable giving strategies

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Our Social Impact Stack is Giving Commerce a Conscience

We simplify, systematize, and supercharge your cause marketing campaigns—saving you time and expense.

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ShoppingGives empowers over 2,400 businesses with our social impact stack, elevating your impact strategy and connecting with values-aligned customers.

ShoppingGives empowers over 2,400 businesses with our social impact stack for commerce, elevating your impact strategy and connecting with values-aligned customers.

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“We feel it's important to represent the causes we believe in and are authentic to the brand. Further, we know from the analytics that our customers are aligned and that it's contributing to growing lifetime value.”

Josh Krepon
President of Direct to Consumer and Global Digital at Steve Madden

"Working with ShoppingGives has helped us organize, facilitate, and communicate our charitable efforts. We have been thrilled to be able to more easily give, and to see how positively our customers have responded."

Ken Natori
President at The Natori Company

"The ShoppingGives team has been integral in helping us refine our social impact strategy and establishing a meaningful partnership with Women's Earth Alliance. By leveraging ShoppingGives, we're able to enhance our credibility with customers."

Andy Chiu
General Manager at KraveBeauty

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