Build Authentic Customer Relationships and Loyalty Through Omnichannel Impact

Elevate your in-store experience with a seamless giving strategy that is sure to engage your customers.

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5 Authentic Ways to Give Back with Shopify POS

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Let Customers Choose

Show what matters to them, matters to you, by supporting the cause of their choice.

Round-Up Donations

Empower your customers to make an even bigger impact on causes they care about by rounding up their purchases.

Default Donations

Create a massive impact by supporting a specific cause on every purchase automatically.

Product-Level Cause Donations

Create capsule collection impact by designating specific products to support specific causes.

Support Local Causes

Drive purpose-driven purchases by supporting causes around your local community.

Motivate Customers to Convert by Enabling In-Store Giving

Engage your omnichannel customers with the delight of supporting the causes they care about, no matter where they purchase, through an authentic giving experience. Give back, drive more conversions, and create more loyal customers— it’s that easy!

Join the Giving Economy

Empower customers to get involved with your giving strategy to create more meaningful interactions.

Build Loyalty & Increase LTV

Create value-alignment with your customers through charitable giving to boost loyalty and lifetime value.

Impact Anywhere & Everywhere

We support your customers wherever they shop by focusing on the giving preferences set on their customer profile.

Create a Seamless Omnichannel Giving Experience

Whether they shop online or in-store, your customers will be empowered to make an impact with every purchase.
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