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ShoppingGIves API

Cause Marketing Simplified for Retailers

Making a social impact shouldn’t be complex

Build a Custom and Compliant Giving Experience with our APIs

Integration in 3 Easy Steps

We make integration easy with our three-step process.
Our product is implemented with the placement of a few scripts and an API or ETL data transfer. No major coding required.
Global script image
Step 1

Place Our Global Script

Place ShoppingGives’s global script in your website's header so it initializes donation generations regardless of where the user lands.
Step 2

Place Your Donation Widgets

Place our customizable widget on the product pages, cart, or at checkout so customers can generate a donation (to a cause of your choice or theirs based on the giving strategy you choose). Provide a CSS selector for the price/amount and the widget will create dynamic donations.
Donation widget script image
Conversion success code image
Step 3

Conversion Success

Configure our your sales data to pass to our API and your customers will receive instant feedback that the donation was successfully generated with their purchase.

Leverage the Most Powerful Donation Rails

Build a fully customizable and native donation strategy with our APIs.