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Choose the pricing plan that best meets your needs. Whether you’re looking to create massive impact or are interested in boosting your bottom line, we’re confident we have a plan that’ll fit just right.

Annually - save up to 10%
$29/ mo
7-day free trial
For entrepreneurs who are just getting started and looking to showcase your purpose and tell an amazing story to connect with your customers.
$271/ mo
$285/ mo
For established eCommerce brands looking for more tools to build relationships with customers and support in maximizing your giving program.
$846/ mo
$940/ mo
For scaling brands looking to create fully integrated and personalized customer experiences while driving business and donation growth.
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A fully customized experience that integrates our APIs into your current systems, giving you freedom and flexibility to realize your impact dreams.

Empowering top brands to drive loyalty with purpose

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Annually - save up to 10%
$29/ mo
$271/ mo
$285/ mo
$846/ mo
$940/ mo
Donation Credits
20 Free Credits (Within 7-Day Trial)
80,000 Credits / yr
300,000 Credits / yr
1,500,000 Credits / yr
Donation Credit Overage Fees
Based on GMV of Orders with Donations (Pre-tax, Pre-shipping, Post discount)
0.5% billed every 30 days or $50
0.25% billed quarterly
0.15% billed quarterly
0.10% billed quarterly
End-to-end Donation Management
100% of Donations are Granted to Designated Nonprofits
Turn-Key Cause Marketing Compliance and Regulation
Percentage (%) of Sales Donation Campaign
Flat Dollar ($) on Orders Donation Campaign
Product-Level Donation Management
No product exclusions
Capsule Collection Cause Donations
Add on available
Add on available
Customer Round-Up Giving
Shopify only
Shopify only
Customer Add-On Donations
5% Processing Fee based on Customer Donation Value
Customer Donation Matching
Post-Purchase Donations
Action-Based Impact
Custom Donations Programs
Customer Segmented Giving
User Experience
Dynamic Donation Widgets
Product Page Widget
Cart Widget
Checkout Widget
Shopify Plus Only
Order Confirmation Page
Modal / Embedded / Email
Customer Social Sharing Post-Purchase
Impact Display Widgets
Upon Request
API Included
Widget Style Management & CSS Manager
Widget Style Customization
Add on available
Personalization Parameter
Leverage with emails, influencers, affiliates,
& nonprofits to preset the cause via URL
Cause Management
Feature Up to 6 Causes
Verified Only
Customer Search from 1.8M Nonprofits
$49 (Monthly)
Default Cause Support
Cause Donation Multipliers
Nonprofit & Nonprofit Category Exclusions
Custom Cause Portfolio
Up to 3
Partner App Integration Suite
Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager
Yotpo Rewards: Reward customers for opting into donations
Add-on Available
Custom Loyalty Program
Yotpo Loyalty: Enable customers to redeem points for donations
Add-on Available
Custom Loyalty Program
Klaviyo: Personalize emails based on the individual cause the customer supports and create donor segments.
Customer Engagement
Nonprofit Donation Insights
Customer Donation Details
Average Order Value Comparison
Donation Campaign Insights
Nonprofit Category Insights
New Donor Insights
Customer LTV (Coming Soon)
Support & Strategy
Knowledge Base, How-To Videos, Webinars
Chat & Email Support: 9:00am - 6:00pm Central Standard Time, Monday - Friday
Onboarding Kickoff Session
30 Minutes
2 Hours
Cause/Marketing Strategy Session
Up to 30 Minutes per Quarter
Up to 1 Hour per Month
Integration Support & Customization
2 Hours
4 Hours
10 Hours
Impact Report
Dedicated Account Manager - Phone and Video Conference Support
Up to 30 Minutes per Quarter
Campaign Planning, Execution, & Tracking
Touchbase Meeting
Account Review

A la carte

Yotpo Loyalty

Reward customers with points or allow point redemption for donations


Capsule Collection

Manage the product-level causes on up to 10,000 product variants/SKUs


Reporting API

Integrate reporting data into your dashboard

Available upon request

Customer Details API

Utilize customer-level donation data

Available upon request

Cause API

Search data from our nonprofit database

Available upon request

Donation Management API

Includes 1.5M transactions

Available upon request

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