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Features and Benefits of Enabling Action Based Impact

Action Based Impact (ABI) is an all new way to integrate giving throughout your entire customer journey to drive more engagement and create a positive impact anytime, anywhere. For every interaction that a customer has with your business, you can enable charitable giving to create more engaging and profitable experiences that keeps them coming back again and again.

Create Your Own Actions

ABI enables you to power impact on any measurable action— creating a customized giving experience that’s specifically tailored to your brand. Trigger donations on newsletter signups, social shares, water conserved, whatever you choose— drive impact anytime, anywhere.

Access Exclusive Data Reporting

Measure the success of your impact strategy with a personalized dashboard that outlines the performance of your identified actions. This means you can track donations on each individual action, enabling you to see a full overview of the impact you’re creating.

Increase Customer Engagement

Giving back has the power to keep your brand top of mind for socially conscious consumers. Inspire giving at impactful moments with your customers and create a more memorable and engaging customer journey through authentic value-alignment.

Drive Stronger Customer Loyalty

Consumers are 72% more likely to be loyal to purpose-driven companies. Motivate customers to move down the funnel and become loyal advocates to your business by demonstrating your commitment to giving back through ABI.

The Possibilities Are Endless

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Donate On Every Newsletter Sign Up

Incentivize your customers to sign up for your newsletter by creating a donation upon signup. Offering to support your customer’s favorite cause through a simple newsletter opt-in can create a more engaging customer experience.

Donate On Every Mile Driven

Make driving an impact generator. For every mile that is driven, users can be rewarded with charitable actions, like planting trees, as a result of their mileage. This can make road trips that much more memorable and rewarding.
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Donate Your Credit Card Loyalty Points

Empower your customers to turn their loyalty points into donations for a cause of their choice. For every dollar they spend, they’ll feel confident in their purchase, knowing that they are creating a positive impact for charitable causes.

Enable Impact on Every Action with our APIs

ABI is incredibly versatile--you define the actions that generate donations to over 1.8M nonprofits.
Action-based Impact is an API-based product that gives you full control.

You define the actions, you decide how much is donated, and which cause or nonprofit will be supported.

Our donation rails ensure that 100% of the donation goes to the causes you chose.
POS adding donation to Surfline Foundation

Olaplex empowers their customers to search and select a cause of their choice to be supported when they make a purchase.
Tree-Free Greetings has a default cause set to create an automatic donation pledged by their brand on every purchase made from their website.
Kenneth Cole donates a percentage of sales on every purchase and gives their customers the opportunity to add on an additional donation.

See How Steve Madden Increased Customer LTV 6.5x with Add-On Donations

Steve Madden wanted to enhance their customer journey and create an opportunity for their customers to get involved in their social impact strategy. They enabled Add-On Donations and empowered shoppers to create more purpose-driven purchases by adding a donation of their choice to every purchase.

In using this feature, Steve Madden saw that customers who opted-in to create a donation came back more often and spent more per purchase compared to their non-donor customers.
increase in repeat purchases when donating on the first purchase
increase in AOV per purchase
lift in LTV of repeat customers  who donated after their first purchase

ShoppingGives has enabled us to streamline our entire backend process for donations in a secure and compliant way – enabling us to donate to thousands of causes, savings thousands of dollars and hours of work. With Action-Based Impact, this limited the resources required by more than 80% from what we originally anticipated.

Ryan Fujiu, Founder and CEO –

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