Delve Into Deeper Customer Insights for Stronger Business Performance

Leverage powerful impact data throughout your customer journey to become an expert in who your customers are and understand what motivates them.

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Identify affinity between your customers and causes

Understanding who your customers are and what is important to them empowers your business to strategically plan campaigns and maximize impact goals.

Segment your audiences

Targeting your customers based on their donation behavior enables you to create higher-performing campaigns that increase revenue.

Create more personalized marketing

Between paid ads and email marketing, get all the customer insights you need to easily optimize your marketing strategy and create more targeted campaigns.

Create a more impactful buying journey

Leverage social impact data to optimize your customer journey and create more powerful touchpoints with your customers at every stage of the funnel.

Used by the world's most average companies

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Track and Measure the ROI of Your Donation Campaigns

Understand the impact of your social impact efforts and optimize for maximum effectiveness.

Track and measure the ROI of your donation campaigns via Google Analytics. Understand which campaigns are working best and tailor your message to reach the right audience. Maximize the impact of your donation efforts with data-driven decision making.

Elevate your marketing funnel with ShoppingGives

Build stronger customer relationships with a powerful MarTech for social impact.

Incorporating impact into daily life has never been easier. ShoppingGives’s infrastructure enables you to leverage stronger affinity between your customers and their favorite causes to create a powerful marketing strategy that acquires, retains, and nurtures customer relationships.
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