Make a Social Impact Online and In-Store

ShoppingGives powers a seamless donation experience that natively integrates into both your online and in-store purchase journeys.

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Cultivate Good wherever Commerce Happens

Create more engaging moments with your customers by building a singular donation experience that connects online and in-store shoppers to your brand through our integration for Shopify POS.

How it works


Capture Donations for your Customers’ Preferred Causes

Shoppers engage with your brand online (or offline); whichever comes first.
Add custom donation
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Personalize Giving Experiences

Whenever shoppers revisit your online or offline store, their “giving profile” allows pre-selecting their favorite cause to give back on their purchase.

Re-engage Your Audience with Enhanced Segments

Use the data to target and promote giving opportunities to the customers you know want to make an impact. Segment customers by the causes they support (social justice, environmental, local, etc.) and let them know when you have a campaign for a relevant charity--driving loyalty and repeat business.
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Total Donations

The total donation amount that was raised by your store through transactions
From 55 purchases

Revenue Generated

Sales that were generated which has also generated donations.
From 55 purchases

Donation Activation Rate

The activation rate is the percentage of transactions with eligible donations.
56 out of 57 purchases

New Donors

Number of unique customers that placed an order with a donation.
From 27 donors

Nonprofits Supported

The activation rate is the percentage of transactions with eligible donations.
56 out of 57 purchases

Donation AOV

The average order value of transactions with eligible donations.
Same as AOV

Omnichannel Donation Data

Use ShoppingGives’s data to quickly identify which donation experiences drive the most impact so you can do more of what works best. Easily access the causes your customers support, what channel they donated on, the location they donated at (in-store), and the charitable affinities they have. Test data-driven strategies, learn, optimize, rinse and repeat.


Quickly connect your online and offline giving experiences with our partners in commerce.
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