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Shopify Plus’ only certified donation app. Easy integration enables a quick launch and our flexible platform guides the way to a robust cause marketing strategy.

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The Turnkey Solution that Drives Powerful Results

One-click integration gives you immediate alignment with the causes your customers care about (1.8 million plus nonprofits), a proven playbook to improve engagement, drive conversion, and create a purposeful story that builds loyal communities.
Customizable and flexible features give you control. Choose which causes to align with, what products are eligible for donation on purchase, and if you want to promote in-store donations through Shopify Point of Sale. Additional solutions enable giving opportunities throughout the customer journey, segment-specific donation targeting, and the ability to apply reward points to donations. All covered with end-to-end donation management, order reconciliation, and margin control on individual SKUs.
Olaplex is empowering their customers to select a cause of their choice to support on purchases, at no extra cost to their customers.
Store donation on Purchase
Steve Madden is creating more meaningful experiences by enabling customers to add-on a donation amount of their choice to purchases.
Customer Add-On Donations
KraveBeauty is maximizing their impact by setting a default cause and automatically creating donations on every purchase made.
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Key Features

Impact your way

Store Donations

You control how much is being donated on every purchase. Donate either a percentage of proceeds or a flat dollar amount per purchase.

Product-level Management

Manage donation amounts and cause selections on the product-level, and get full control over which products are eligible for donations.
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Customer Giving

Empower your customers to create their own impact on purchases by rounding up or adding on a donation during their shopping journey.
Impact Tracking

Impact Tracking

Access exclusive data directly through your ShoppingGives dashboard to help you better allocate budgets and target the right customers.
Bottom-Line growth

Bottom-Line Growth

Increase conversions and KPIs by comparing metrics such as average order value between orders with donations versus without.
Flexible Cause Selection

Flexible Cause Selection

Keep up with changing needs like in the case of natural disasters or cause awareness months by switching causes with ease to create impact where it’s needed.
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Give Confidently

We streamline cause marketing compliance and regulation for you, so you can give back with peace of mind.

Integration technology partners

We have seamless integrations with top technology solutions to help you streamline impact throughout your tech stack and maximize campaign performance.
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Over 100 5-Star Reviews

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The customer has the ability to choose the organization that she’s passionate about, it’s easy, it’s just so simple, it’s seamless. Customers that shop and choose to donate on their first purchase come back 7 days sooner than any other shopper.

Susan W. Morrissey
Founder & CEO of White + Warren

From a customer perspective, knowing that your purchase can go towards a charity that means something to you is so powerful, and helps to gain more comfort and trust in the brand. We’ve seen really great success, and it [impact messaging] actually outperformed our other creative pieces.

Christopher Roth
Founder & CEO of Highline Wellness

Living in San Diego we spend a lot of time at the beach and in the ocean. We wanted the opportunity to give back to an ecosystem we get so much from and that’s why we partnered with Surf Rider to help protect thousands of miles of coast line.

Melissa Parvis
Co-Founder & President, Fresh Clean Threads

Create a Seamless Omnichannel Giving Experience

Engage your in-store shoppers with donation opportunities for Shopify POS
Inspire your in-store customers to convert by enabling moments of impact at the point of sale. Elevating your in-store experience with donations for Shopify POS has the power to cultivate deeper customer connections and build more loyal communities.

Frequently Asked

  • Which nonprofits am I able to support?
  • Can my customers join me in giving?
  • Can I extend giving to my in-store shoppers?
  • Can I select which products to include for donations?

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