Unlock Customer Loyalty by Inspiring Engagement Beyond the Purchase

Extend your giving campaigns to your in-store shoppers by enabling the opportunity for customers to effortlessly create a donation, even after a purchase was made.

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Continuity Across Channels

Engage known customers online and in-store by demonstrating your knowledge of their previous commitment to good.

Personalized Experience

Amaze customers as you mention their exact purchase, thank them for the donation they’ve inspired, and empower them to click it to fruition.

Create a Bond

Drive engagement beyond the purchase. Create meaningful relationships built on purpose and value alignment to inspire brand loyalty.

Analytics with an Impact

Access data like donation redemption behavior, open rate, click-through rate, and more to measure your Post Purchase Donation campaign performance.

Develop more meaningful customer relationships

Motivate repeat purchases and create stronger brand loyalty by aligning your values with your customers.
Enabling post-purchase donations can elevate your in-store shopping experience and encourage shoppers to make a purchase when they know that their purchase has the power to make an impact. The post-purchase donation functionality helps your customers give a higher purpose to their purchase and enables them to feel fulfilled in shopping with your brand.
POS Donation selection

Donation Selection at Checkout

Whether it’s a set amount or a percentage of the purchase total, you can create more impactful in-store shopping experiences that encourage customers to convert. With the opportunity to create a donation upon purchase, your customers will not only be more likely to make a purchase, but they’re also more likely to become repeat, loyal customers.

Encouraging Donation Selection via Email

After a purchase is completed, you can remind customers of the opportunity to create a donation as a result of their purchase using email marketing. This is a powerful way to highlight the donation opportunity and raise awareness to the causes your customers can choose to support.
Creating a donation post-purchase
POS Donation selection

Flexibility to Control Where You Give

You have the power to determine which in-store locations you want to enable Post Purchase Donations for. When you open a new location or close an existing one, we make it easy to manage all of your locations through our platform.

Customize the Post Purchase Donation Experience

With flexibility to customize the font, branding colors, imagery, and text on the email and landing page, you can ensure that the Post Purchase Donation experience is customized to best meet your brand style. This enables you to create a seamless experience for your customers.
Creating a donation post-purchase
Leveraging post-purchase donations enables you to create engaging moments with your customers that extend beyond the purchase. Creating these moments of impact with your customers after they’ve converted has the power to create a more emotional connection to your brand that cultivates deeper customer loyalty.

In our connected society, everyone is capable of making an impact on the causes they care about. Our integration with ShoppingGives allows us to create an innovative way to engage with our customers and expand our social impact.

Joon Silverstein, Global Head of Digital & Sustainability at Coach

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