We’re Connecting Cause with Commerce

We’re dreamers and doers. We’re ever-evolving and always grateful.

Our “Why"

We Exist to Inspire Purpose Every Day

We began in 2015 as an organization to do good and make an impact. As time progressed, we saw a demand from consumers for the same. We build products to address the expectation for change. We are proud of the Giving Economy we’ve built that brings businesses the ability to incorporate purpose into their go-to-market strategy; consumers the ability to align with brands that share their values; and for nonprofits to get donations without lifting a finger.

Our Process

We’re cultivating good through commerce. Through everyday actions we create social impact by connecting businesses, consumers, and nonprofits with our powerful donation infrastructure. Here’s how:

Integrate giving opportunities throughout the customer journey to engage people on a deeper level and build loyal communities.
Engage with brands in more impactful ways to give a higher purpose to their purchases and join a movement of conscious commerce.
Leverage technology for automating impact and connecting with new audiences to generate meaningful relationships and revenue.

Our Story

Our Founder and CEO, Ronny Sage, kept finding a common goal throughout his years of working at a digital marketing agency and brands— How do we connect with the right customers in a more meaningful way and within budget? With the US market spending over $200B in advertising and $25B in digital advertising, he thought there has to be a better way for businesses to spend this money, while still acquiring the right customer.

He believed there was an opportunity to shift marketing dollars to the impact space and by doing so, businesses could connect with customers to build authentic relationships while still driving business goals – all while creating a positive impact. As the team of co-founders started digging into the issue, we realized how cost-prohibitive cause marketing was for brands, and how little the consumer had to do with the role in who brands supported. They saw that the big brands gave to the top nonprofits and that most of the time, the customer was the one who ended up paying more for the donation— enter ShoppingGives.


Overall Impact Score:

See the full Certified B Corporation report here.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Shared passions around sustainability, inclusivity, and ethics are creating a movement of people who are invested in changing the way that companies interact with society. In 2019, after 9 months of rigorous assessments, ShoppingGives became a Certified B Corporation. This means our business meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability.

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Impact Agent

When we aren’t busy hustling for a better world, we’re balancing our work life with what makes us unique. We have individuals who rock climb, create music, model, have served in the Korean Army, and have even been arrested for changing their friend’s grades when in middle school. We always celebrate our differences while building our bonds, and giving back— together.

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