We Make Cause Marketing Compliance for Businesses Easy

Navigating compliance is expensive, difficult, and time-consuming. ShoppingGives optimizes your impact by managing the complexities for you.

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Give Back with End-to-End Management, Regulation, and Compliance

Our End-to-End donation management solution handles all the myriad of regulatory and compliance nuances for you, right out of the box.
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Commercial Co-Venture Multi-state Coverage

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Annual Registration

Posted Bonds

Written Disclosures

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Records Storage

Charitable Solicitation Filing

Closing Statement & Annual Report

Cause Marketing Advertising Compliance and Disclosures

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Better Business Bureau Standard 19 Compliant

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Achieve Compliance Effortlessly

Save $10’s of thousands on legal fees and back office management.

Consider the overwhelming process of cause marketing regulation covered. ShoppingGives' turnkey donation platform supports businesses of any size, enabling you to easily and legally support any 501(c)(3) registered public charity in good standing with the IRS through a system that is fully managed and distributed for you.

Connect Cause with Commerce, Confidently

100% of donations directly support your designated nonprofits.

Donations created through our technology are received by the ShoppingGives Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charity, and distributed to the nonprofit beneficiaries you selected— making it easy for you to manage one donation receipt for all your charitable campaigns.
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Give back the right way every time.

Ensure compliance, reduce legal risk, improve operational efficiency, and measure your bottom line impact.

Regulatory Certainty that fuels your Cause Marketing Growth

Elevate your Giving Strategy with Automation

Take charge of your charitable giving with ShoppingGives. Control which causes and products are eligible for donations while tracking your donation data through our detailed reporting. Plus, our Automated Donation Reconciliation ensures you never pay for donations on returned orders.
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Are you a business looking to connect cause with commerce?

Schedule a call with one of our Impact Agents to explore how you can give back confidently with ShoppingGives.

Are you a nonprofit?

ShoppingGives is proud to enable businesses and nonprofits to create meaningful relationships that bridge the gap between commerce and cause. Reach out to our nonprofit team to learn how our technology can facilitate effortless giving campaigns for your organization and business partners.