Drive stronger business growth with the power of impact data

Leverage targeted segments and personalized audience data to create more meaningful customer experiences that grow your bottom line.

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Fuel your business with the capabilities of impact data

Create higher revenue growth opportunities with powerful customer data.
Identify purpose-driven audiences.
Gain visibility into the causes your customers support.
Segment audiences based on cause affinity and donation behavior.
Create hyper-targeted giving campaigns with data optimization.
Boost customer retention with personalized experiences.
Drive higher conversion rates and increase revenue.

Explore the potential of impact data

Between data optimization, audience segmentation, and more, ShoppingGives’s impact data gives your business exclusive insights into what your customers care about— empowering you to create a more meaningful customer journey.

Buying Journey Optimization

Leverage impact data to optimize your customer’s buying journey to drive higher conversion rates.

Brand Growth

Measure the impact of data utilization against AOV, conversion rate, and customer engagement to track bottom line growth


Re-engage and retain customers by leveraging data and insights into their cause affinity.


Create higher-converting email experiences by targeting and segmenting your audience based on causes they’ve previously supported.

Are you ready to begin driving stronger business performance with impact data?

Impact data is driving the future of integrated cause marketing. Learn more about how you can create more profitable and personalized customer experiences by leveraging ShoppingGives’s impact stack.