Breast Cancer Alliance Saw a 355% ROI through ShoppingGives Partnership

Discover how Breast Cancer Alliance is enhancing awareness and optimizing corporate partnerships while achieving a 355% ROI within 90 days of partnering with ShoppingGives.

Breast Cancer Alliance is a nonprofit that is improving survival rates and quality of life for those impacted by breast cancer through better prevention, early detection, treatment, and cure. Wanting to raise awareness and expand their reach, Breast Cancer Alliance partnered with ShoppingGives to optimize their existing corporate partnerships and discover new partnership opportunities. 

By leveraging ShoppingGives' innovative platform, Breast Cancer Alliance was able to gain access to a diverse network of brands and retailers, enabling them to amplify their impact and reach a new audience. They were also able to be matched up with best-fit merchants and form new mutually beneficial partnerships. After partnering with ShoppingGives, Breast Cancer Alliance saw a 355% ROI on their Premium Partnership within the first 90 days of the partnership.

How Breast Cancer Alliance is Driving Successful Partnerships

To raise awareness for their mission, ShoppingGives promoted Breast Cancer Alliance around Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2023 through our social media channels and in our bi-weekly newsletter, targeted towards retailers and brands subscribed to our email list. These promotions ran for one month, and included three social media posts and four mentions in our newsletter. 

Through these promotions, ShoppingGives shared the impact that Breast Cancer Alliance is creating as well as shared resources for merchants looking to get involved in Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

As part of the Premium Partnership, ShoppingGives helped Breast Cancer Alliance connect with brands who value the mission-critical work that their organization performs. This partnership provides Breast Cancer Alliance with opportunities to forge mutually beneficial partnerships with brands who are eager to support breast cancer awareness initiatives during Breast Cancer Awareness Month and beyond.

Through ShoppingGives’ Nonprofit Driven Campaigns program, Breast Cancer Alliance was able to bring on their existing corporate partner, Cartolina, a women’s clothing brand, to ShoppingGives’ donation platform to easily raise funds for their organization through online purchases. On an evergreen basis, Cartolina donates $5 towards Breast Cancer Alliance on every purchase made from their website. In honor of GivingTuesday 2023, Cartolina doubled their donations and set every purchase to donate $10 towards Breast Cancer Alliance.

To raise awareness for their increased giving for Breast Cancer Alliance on GivingTuesday, Cartolina leveraged a homepage hero banner to capture the attention of the website visitors with information regarding their donation initiatives. They also promoted their support for Breast Cancer Alliance through their social media channels and with a dedicated email.

shortyLOVE, a creator of designer women’s handbags, is another brand that has a cause-affinity for breast cancer awareness initiatives and partnered with Breast Cancer Alliance to make an impact for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October and beyond. On an evergreen basis, shortyLOVE donates 2% on every online purchase to support Breast Cancer Alliance. 

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October 2023, Natori, an East-meets-West design house, increased their typical donation amount from 1% to 10% and highlighted Breast Cancer Alliance as their default cause for the month of October. Natori promoted this limited-time campaign through their social media to encourage their followers to make a purchase during the month of October to make a larger impact towards breast cancer awareness initiatives. 

Driving ROI Through Corporate Partnerships

Together with ShoppingGives, Breast Cancer Alliance has been able to amplify the impact of their corporate fundraising and increase awareness around their organization, while forming more impactful and successful partnerships. On the brand side, ShoppingGives has been able to help our merchant partners create more actionable campaigns that raise awareness for breast cancer. 

Since partnering with ShoppingGives, Breast Cancer Alliance has been able to streamline their existing corporate partnership, discover new partnerships, and maximize impact for their organization through innovative marketing strategies and collaborative initiatives.

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