2023 Year of Impact: Celebrating Our Well-Rounded and Balanced Partners

Check out our merchant partner’s 2023 Impact Wrapped—a showcasing of their commitment to corporate social responsibility and a celebration of their charitable giving achievements from the past year.

With 2024 in full swing, we’ve been reflecting on the impact we created alongside our incredible merchant partners during the past year. To celebrate, we created the 2023 Impact Wrapped—a highlight reel for our merchant partners that serves as a way to commemorate their charitable accomplishments from 2023.

2023 Impact Wrapped

The Well-Rounded & Balanced Persona

With the 2023 Impact Wrapped, we created a series of giving personas that highlight the tactics and strategies that make our merchant partner’s social impact initiatives unique. 

For our “Well-Rounded & Balanced” merchants, they strike the perfect balance of social impact initiatives! These merchants strive to maximize their charitable impact by employing a variety of tactics that will help them drive a lasting positive impact.

To create a well-rounded social impact strategy, these merchants invite their customers to join them in the giving by enabling Customer Round-up Donations and/or Customer Add-on Donations, alongside their own merchant-funded donation initiatives. 

The 2023 Charitable Impact by The Giving Economy™

One of our proudest achievements is the collective impact that ShoppingGives’ community of merchant partners created over the past year for nonprofit organizations. Through uncertain economic conditions, societal unrest, natural disasters, and more, every dollar pledged is a testament to the unwavering dedication of our partners in giving back to charitable causes. 

Our Impact Ahead

As we look forward to what 2024 will bring, it’s clear that our partner’s dedication to social responsibility is the driving force behind the success of our charitable initiatives. We are ever grateful for the opportunity to cultivate impactful partnerships and we couldn’t be more enthusiastic for the year ahead!

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