ShoppingGives is a 2020 Yotpo Partner Award Winner!

We are so honored to have won the Best Integration Partner award for the 2020 Yotpo Partner Awards! Through our integration with Yotpo, we created an all-new loyalty program for merchants to engage with customers and create more authentic relationships.
YOTPO Best Integration Partner - ShoppingGives

ShoppingGives Named Best Integration Partner

We are proud to announce that we have been named Yotpo’s Best Integration Partner for the 2020 Yotpo Partner Awards! Through our integration with Yotpo Loyalty & Rewards, we were able to work with our partner, TomboyX, to create a unique loyalty program that helped them elevate their existing loyalty program to create more authentic relationships with their customers by combining rewards with donations.

Working hand-in-hand with Yotpo, we were able to build native workflows, create custom content, and provide marketing solutions and recommendations to ensure that our joint partner, TomboyX, had a seamless and successful loyalty program. Through this partnership, TomboyX has been able to align themselves with the values of their customers through meaningful interactions, and their customers are showing TomboyX that social impact is important to them by choosing to donate their loyalty points to the cause of their choice. Since implementing this integration, TomboyX has had over 14,500 loyalty points be redeemed for donations— that’s equivalent to 16,000 units of PPE or 6,000 meals for families in need!

The Value of Social Impact + Loyalty & Rewards

With the competition for eCommerce and direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands consistently growing, it’s becoming more apparent that customer loyalty is crucial— but it’s not always easy. 71% of Millennial consumers are willing to spend more to shop with a trusting brand that gives back, while 59% of customers are more likely to refer their friends and family to a brand that they consider themselves loyal to. This means that your loyal customers are your best customers, and our integration with Yotpo can easily help eCommerce merchants create an engaging loyalty program that will have their customers coming back again and again.

In partnership with Yotpo, we are able to empower merchants to combine rewards with donations to create a unique and engaging loyalty program for their customers. Through this integration, merchants are able to reward their customers with Yotpo loyalty points when they create a donation with their purchase, as well as enable their customers to redeem those points for additional donations on future visits.

The era of conscious consumption is bringing concerns around the impact that a brand has on society, and consumers are increasingly choosing to support brands whose values align with their own. Using our integration with Yotpo helps to drive purpose-driven purchases, create more authentic relationships with your customers, and can also increase customer loyalty and lifetime value.

Ways to integrate Impact into your Loyalty Program:

Our integration with Yotpo enables merchants to align values with their customers and show their customers that what matters to them, matters to their brand. There are three primary ways you can integrate social impact into your loyalty and rewards program, but we encourage you to get creative and implement a strategy that best works for your brand.

Redeem Points for Donations

Through our integration with Yotpo, TomboyX empowers their customers to redeem their loyalty points for additional donations on future visits. This enables their customers to make an impact for the causes that they care about while shopping with a brand that they love.

Customers can redeem loyalty points for donations

Reward Customers for Donating

TomboyX also rewards their customers with loyalty points if they join you in giving back, adding on a donation to their purchase. For every dollar that the customer donates, TomboyX rewards them with 5 loyalty points.

Reward customers with loyalty points for adding-on a donation

Reward Customers for Choosing a Cause

Merchants can also reward their customers with loyalty points if they select a cause to support with their purchase. For merchants using an opt-in model, they can incentivize their customers to select a cause for their brand to donate to on that purchase, at no extra cost to the customer.

Reward customers for selecting a cause to support

Attract Millennials and Gen Z with Reward Options

With this integration, merchants have the power to attract the largest buying population by enabling their customers to get involved with their social impact strategy directly. Driving purpose-driven purchases can help you target the growing population of conscious consumers by showing your customers that what matters to them, matters to you.

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