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Create a unique customer experience that combines recommerce and social giving to build a conscious brand that drives conversion and loyalty.
Combining Recommerce with Donations

The Shopify revolution has made it easier than ever to launch consumer businesses, which means there are an ever-increasing number of brands vying for your customers’ attention and loyalty. With the rise of the conscious consumption and the expectations for brands to stand for more than the items they sell, how will you demonstrate to incoming site visitors that you’re worthy of their dollars? How can you make your customers feel great about their purchase and keep them coming back?

Imagine arriving at an apparel site that caught your eye. You poke around and learn how they’re supporting a variety of causes with every purchase. You even notice there’s a “pre-loved shop” where you can buy used items from the community and sell your own when you’ve outworn them. Suddenly, your purchase means more than just a new pair of jeans.

Creating this type of customer experience by combining recommerce with social giving can help you build a conscious brand while driving conversion and loyalty in the process. Here’s how:

Wow customers with your commitment to social giving and sustainability.

Consumers are demanding brands take action towards environmental sustainability and contribute to a greater purpose. According to ThredUp’s 2021 Resale Report, 34% of consumers say they are more likely to shop with a brand that offers secondhand clothing alongside new. Keeping items in circulation through resale is one of the most effective paths for reducing your carbon emissions. On top of this, a report by Clutch found that 75% of people are likely to start shopping at a company that supports an issue they agree with. Implementing a recommerce and social giving strategy is a visible reminder for all incoming shoppers that your brand is taking steps towards climate and social action.

Drive conversion by providing a path for donation and resale.

As the revolving wardrobe has become commonplace for younger shoppers, your customers are now considering the resale value of your items at the point of purchase. Leading apparel brands, like Boyish who uses Treet to manage their Consignment Shop, are able to show prospective shoppers that there’s an easy path to re-selling their jeans when they’re ready. As customers consider purchasing a $188 pair of jeans, they can take solace in knowing there’s an easy way to recoup their investment or upgrade to their next pair.

Source: Boyish

With consumers spending each dollar more consciously, they’re paying closer attention to a brand’s social impact efforts and choosing to support brands whose values align with their own. Offering a charitable donation during the purchase journey can help create a more engaging and authentic interaction with a brand and make customers feel more positively about making a purchase— increasing conversions and lifetime value.

Create long-term loyalty and increase customer LTV

With advertising costs going through the roof, creating lasting relationships with your customers that lead to the highest LTV is paramount.

Natori is a great example of a brand that’s aligning their customers’ values with their own by partnering with ShoppingGives. Through ShoppingGives, Natori created an impact-focused paid ad campaign to test how impact messaging performs against their traditional paid advertising efforts, and saw that the impact-focused ads far outperformed their traditional ad messaging, and as a result, saw a 136% increase in ROAS. Aligning their values with their customers in their marketing efforts creates a deeper connection and adds a compelling reason for their customers to continue shopping with them.

When it comes to resale, your customers are already using third-party sites like Poshmark, Depop, and eBay to resell your items, and those items may go on to be resold several times over. Most recommerce solutions, like Treet, allow you to generate revenue from every resale purchase and offer your customers the option to redeem funds as credit back to your site. On average, Treet customers are spending 2-3X more than their allotted credit when they use their credit to shop new items.

Creating a recommerce and social giving program has never been easier

Brands that adapt to changing consumer expectations to incorporate more sustainable and conscious selling models will be able to foster stronger relationships that lead to revenue growth in the short and long run. Fortunately, with solutions like ShoppingGives and Treet to power your social impact and recommerce programs for you, it’s a no-brainer to get started.

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