Rewards Programs Improve Customer Journey

Increase customer loyalty by combining your rewards program with charitable donations through an integration with ShoppingGives and Yotpo.
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In a world of an abundance of choice, eCommerce brands are continuously competing for loyal customers. Loyal customers will buy your products time and time again, despite price or availability. Consumers increasingly want brands who will provide value beyond a transaction. To help, we have a solution that will help you navigate through customer loyalty and rewards programs.

Customer Loyalty is Crucial, But Not Always Easy

Building customer loyalty is important for any business, but can be difficult to achieve. Luckily, Yotpo makes it easy with their customized rewards programs to help you engage existing customers and reach new ones.

Customer loyalty is so crucial because your loyal customers are your best customers.

  • 59% of customers are more likely to join a loyalty program for a brand that they love.
  • 71% of Millennial consumers are even willing to spend more to shop with a trusting brand that gives back.
  • 59% of customers are more likely to refer their family and friends to a brand they are loyal to as well.

When Rewards Programs Meets Donations

Socially conscious consumers are increasingly concerned about a brand's impact on society and are looking for value-alignment with brands. In fact, consumers are more likely to be loyal to a brand when they believe in its cause. This means that offering a unique loyalty program that combines social impact with rewards can create a more exciting customer experience. As a result, merchants can better encourage repeat purchases and increase customer loyalty.

ShoppingGives and Yotpo created a Shopify loyalty program that meets the demands of socially conscious consumers while increasing customer loyalty. With this integration, your Shopify store can incentivize your customers with rewards points when they create a donation with their purchase. You can also allow your customers to convert and redeem those points for a donation to the cause of their choice.

Benefits of Using Our Loyalty Program Integration

ShoppingGives’ integration with Yotpo allows your Shopify store to show your customers that what matters to them, matters to you. Combining rewards and donations is an easy and effective way to empower your customers to feel more confident in their purchase. It's also a great way to increase repeat purchases and customer retention.

Drive Purpose-Driven Purchases

Integrating giving into your loyalty programs can drive higher revenue and encourage repeat purchases. Merchants who use ShoppingGives’ donation technology have seen that integrating social impact lifts conversion rate by 11%. They have also found that enabling donations during the checkout process increases AOV by up to 29%.

Create Authentic Customer Relationships

Socially conscious consumers are spending more time getting to know their favorite brands. This includes their beliefs, what they stand for, and who they support. Elevating your loyalty and rewards program to include a social impact component can help your customers better understand your brand values. Plus, it lets them get involved in your giving efforts by earning rewards for making an impact with their purchase.

Increase Customer Loyalty and Lifetime Value

ShoppingGives merchant partners have seen that integrating giving into their business can increase customer lifetime value by 18%. In the era of purpose-driven commerce, consumers will continue to choose purpose-driven brands. This means that allowing your customers to create more meaningful transactions during the purchase journey can lead to stronger customer loyalty.

Popular Use Cases

When using ShoppingGives' integration with Yotpo, Shopify merchants can leverage various campaign options to create a customized loyalty program experience.

Reward Customers for Choosing a Cause

When using ShoppingGives’ donation technology, merchants can empower their customers to select a cause to support on their purchase, at no extra cost to the customer.

When a customer chooses to opt-in to select a cause to support, merchants can then reward their customers with loyalty points for choosing a cause and creating a donation on their purchase. For every dollar that is donated when your customer makes a purchase, you can reward them with Yotpo loyalty points.

Reward Customers for Donating

Merchants using ShoppingGives can also invite their customers to join them in giving back by adding on a pre-set donation amount to their purchase. This means that for every dollar that your customer chooses to donate, you can reward them with loyalty points. This is a great way to incentivize your customers to add-on a customer-pledged donation to their purchase.

Redeem Points for Donations

Merchants can also allow their customers to convert and redeem their loyalty points for donations to support their favorite causes. Enabling your customers to redeem their loyalty points for an extra donation creates a more meaningful and authentic customer experience.

Attract Millennials and Gen Z with Reward Options

With these integration options, you can engage the largest buying population through highly tailored incentive programs and cause marketing.

Best Loyalty Program Examples

Sakara Life

Sakara Life uses ShoppingGives’ integration with Yotpo to create a unique and engaging loyalty program. Through Sakara’s loyalty and rewards program, Sakara customers can redeem their loyalty points for donations.

Using ShoppingGives’ integration with Yotpo, Sakara customers have redeemed over 200,000 loyalty points to create donations. This is equivalent to providing 119,000+ meals to families in need, 11,900+ trees planted, or 230+ hours of research for childhood cancer. Additionally, 32% of customers who opted-in to redeem their loyalty points for donations have done so at least twice.

Blind Barber

Blind Barber uses ShoppingGives’ integration with Yotpo to create a loyalty program that creates more authentic relationships with their customers. Through Blind Barber’s loyalty and rewards program, their customers can earn points for creating donations with their purchases. They can also redeem those points for donations later on. For every dollar that is donated, Blind Barber customers are rewarded with one loyalty point.

“If Blind Barber was built on the idea of making our friends, family and guests alike feel their best, our mission wouldn't be complete without trying to do our part and provide that same feeling to those that are less fortunate. ShoppingGives & Yotpo has now provided us with the ability to give back, not only as a brand but as a community, sharing in the responsibility to take care of one another.” - Jeff Laub, Executive Creative Director & Co-Founder, Blind Barber

We Made This Integration Easy

  1. Make sure you have the Change Commerce app installed and activated
  2. Install the Loyalty & Referrals by Yotpo app
  3. Choose to integrate Yotpo through the Change Commerce app
  4. Set your rewards and/or redemption campaigns
  5. Begin building customer loyalty while doing good and giving back!

For a full list of steps to begin integrating ShoppingGives and Yotpo, you can check out our integration guide.

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