Introducing Customer Add-On Donations

Brands can now empower their customers to join them in making an impact. Learn more about the Shopify donation app for customer donations.
Add on Donation Release

Introducing Customer Add-On Donations for ShoppingGives

We’re excited to announce the release of our Add-On Donation feature for the ShoppingGives app! With Add-On Donations, all of our Shopify merchant partners can empower their customers to get involved in their impact strategy by giving them the opportunity to add a donation of their choice to their purchase.

Customer Add-On Donation widget (cause selected)

With this feature, consumers will shop as usual and be presented with the opportunity to make an impact during the checkout process. While this feature isn’t necessarily new to ShoppingGives, we’re thrilled to make it more accessible to all of our merchant partners so they can create more exciting and engaging customer experiences.

How Shopify Merchants Can Activate Add-On Donations

You can follow the steps below to activate the Add-On Donation feature for your Shopify store.

  1. Open the ShoppingGives app
  2. Go to Campaigns > Customer Add-On
  1. Turn On the Customer Add-On campaign
  2. Go to the Widget Settings and place your widget via Theme Sections or manually by inserting a line of code into your theme.

Please note that when using Customer Add-On Donations, the Add-On widget will reflect your store’s global featured cause settings. To learn more about enabling Add-On Donations for your Shopify store, you can visit our FAQs.

Best Practices for Enabling Add-On Donations

Using the Add-On Donations feature is a great way to get your customers involved in your giving strategy. We recommend pairing the Add-On Donation feature with the Store Donation on Purchase campaign to show your customers that you’re committed to giving back, and to encourage them to join you in the giving.

Customer Add-On Donation widget on the checkout page

Campaign Settings

Similar to the other giving campaigns through ShoppingGives, you can choose to set a default cause, which will pre-select a specific cause when a customer is shopping on your site and will automatically generate a donation towards that cause once the order is placed. This is a great way to highlight a specific cause or nonprofit organization that your brand supports and will help to drive more donations towards that cause.

To create a more unique and meaningful experience for your customers, you can also empower them to search and select a cause of their choice to be supported by their donation. This tactic gives your customers the opportunity to support a cause that’s meaningful to them, like their local food pantry, and can help to create a more memorable shopping experience with your brand.

Marketing Strategy

To bring more awareness to your giving strategy, you can leverage email and social media marketing to inform your customers of the opportunity to add-on a donation to their purchase. Messaging like, “Join us in making an impact by adding on a donation to support the cause of your choice on your next purchase!” can help encourage your customers to visit your site and make a purchase, knowing that it’s going towards a charitable cause.

You can also capture the attention of your website visitors by using eyebrow or hero banners on your homepage that include information about your giving strategy. Giving your customers details about how their purchase can make a positive impact as soon as they land on your website can help to decrease your bounce rate and encourage them to continue through the purchase journey.

Brand Examples

Steve Madden

For Pride Month, Steve Madden enabled Customer Add-On Donations to drive charitable donations towards Pride Champions— a cause portfolio that includes GLAAD, Callen-Lorde, and the Ali Forney Center. Steve Madden customers could choose to add-on a donation of $1, $3, or $5 to support the portfolio during the checkout process, and Steve Madden pledged to match all donations generated.


Chantecaille is a beauty brand that is committed to environmental and conservation philanthropy. Across their brand, Chantecaille offers product collections that are dedicated to raising awareness for various wildlife and nature conservation nonprofits, and donates to specific nonprofits when products from those collections are purchased.

Additionally, they invite their customers to create an even bigger impact on their purchase by adding on a donation of their own to support the Monarch Butterfly Fund, an organization that is committed to preserving monarch habitats in Mexico.


Aloha works with influencer Kendall Toole to help people find a happier path to healthy, from daily decisions to what they put in their body. On all products within the Kendall Toole collection, Aloha donates 2% to support KUPU, a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to empowering Hawaiian youth to serve their communities through character-building, service-learning, and environmental stewardship opportunities.

In addition to the donation that Aloha pledges on behalf of their customers, they also give their customers the opportunity to add on a donation of their choice to support Conscious Alliance on every purchase, a nonprofit organization that is committed to support communities in crisis through hunger relief and youth empowerment.

Ready to Start Creating Engaging Customer Experiences?

Previously an a la carte feature, Add-On Donations are now available out-of-the-box to all Shopify merchants using the Change Commerce app, regardless of partnership tier.

You can learn more about pricing and billing for the Customer Add-On Donation feature.

If you are interested in learning more about Customer Add-On Donations and integrating this feature into your brand’s giving strategy, schedule a demo with our team.

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