Customer Round Up Donations for Businesses

Learn how ShoppingGives' Round Up donation technology can help your business increase customer engagement and loyalty, and explore tactics other brands are using to implement round up donations for their business.
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Unlock higher customer engagement with our guide to using Round Up Donations.

Customer Round Up Giving for Businesses

Social impact was once a nice-to-have for businesses looking to make an impact, but has recently become a need-to-have as socially conscious consumers are demanding that businesses do more than operate for a profit. As these consumers consider what is important to them, they’re turning to businesses who prioritize impact and engage in giving back.

As a business, you may be thinking, “Why should we regularly give to charity?”. Beyond the feel-good factor of helping others, there are plenty of reasons to make charitable giving a regular part of your business strategy. Supporting charities can help build customer trust and loyalty, as they'll appreciate your commitment to making a positive impact.

Additionally, charitable giving can drive sales and boost your bottom line. A study by Cone Communications found that 87% of consumers are willing to purchase a product based on a company's social or environmental values, and 76% will refuse to buy from a company if it supports an issue contrary to their beliefs. By incorporating a charity checkout option with a round up app, you can tap into this trend and attract more socially-conscious customers to your brand.

Enabling customer round up donations is an effective way to not just give back, but to invite your customers to join you in the giving— creating more opportunities for increasing customer engagement and driving more sales. Giving your customers the ability to round up their purchase to support a charitable cause during their purchase journey gives your business the potential to inspire customer engagement by adding purpose to everyday purchases.

Allowing your customers to make a personal donation to a cause that they care about can create a more authentic moment with your business and help your customers to feel like they were truly part of the giving journey. Every little bit makes a difference, and together you and your customers can maximize impact.

How to do a Round Up Campaign with a Round Up App 

To enable a round up giving campaign for your business, you’ll need to integrate a charitable giving technology that has round up giving capabilities. Once you’ve found a donation technology that fits your businesses’ needs, you’ll want to begin planning your round up campaign. 

We recommend looking at your brand values and identifying which causes are important to you and your customers. Creating authentic value-alignment with your target audience is crucial to creating a successful giving campaign. If the causes you choose to support are aligned with your overall business strategy, your customers will be more likely to trust that your commitment to social responsibility is genuine.

Defining a strategy around a round up app for charity is your next step. You want to ensure that the tactics you enable are authentic to your business, and can help your customers feel more connected. To give you some inspiration, we’ve outlined a few of our recommendations below.

Tactics for Using Round Up Donations

Donate to a singular cause

If your business has a specific cause that you choose to support, pre-defining this cause during the purchase journey is an effective way to automatically ensure donations go to that specific cause. Aligning your business with one cause gives you the power to create impactful storytelling around this charitable organization. 

Throughout your marketing channels, you can share details that build a story around your commitment to a charitable organization, which will help your customers understand your mission and values on a deeper level. You could even take this strategy one step further by forming a nonprofit partnership and pledge your commitment to the cause.

Empower your customers to support a cause of their choice

To create a more engaging purchase experience, you can empower your customers to make a selection from a variety of causes that they can opt-in to round up their purchase for. This gives your customers the opportunity to feel more connected to their purchase, knowing that they were able to make an impact for a charitable organization that’s important to them. Having control over where their donation goes can build more loyal customer relationships and encourage repeat purchases, knowing that they can come back and make another purchase in support of their selected cause.

Enable round up donations online and in-store

To create an omnichannel impact, you could even enable round up donation opportunities for your eCommerce store as well as your point of sale locations. Enabling donations wherever your customers are can help drive more conversions, increase customer loyalty, and of course, maximize the amount of impact that your business is creating.

If your business operates on the Shopify platform, you can explore round up donation solutions that offer both eCommerce and POS capabilities to help you create a seamless omnichannel giving experience.

Brands Using Round Up Giving to Drive Customer Engagement

Kut from the Kloth

Source: Kut from the Kloth

Kut from the Kloth gives their customers the ability to round up their purchase to support a singular, pre-defined cause that is meaningful to them. By enabling a default cause, Kut from the Kloth is able to make a larger impact for a single organization and authentically demonstrate their values to their customers.


Source: AGOLDE

AGOLDE uses a unique approach to round up donations to support multiple causes/organizations with a single donation. Through this strategy, AGOLDE is able to highlight a group of organizations that they support, and split the charitable donation evenly amongst the nonprofit organizations.

What is the Best API for Enabling Charitable Donations?

Once you’re ready to get started and enable customer round up giving for your business, you can leverage a donation technology like ShoppingGives to help you create a customizable strategy that’s tailored to your business. With native integrations and customizable features, you’ll have everything you need to create a round up giving strategy that boosts engagement, drives sales, and helps you to maximize your impact.

As a business, you have the power to drive positive social change, and your customers are expecting you to lead with your values. Get started on your social impact journey and discover how enabling customer round up giving can help you do well while doing good.

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