Determine Which Causes Your Customers Care About Based on Data, Not Speculation

Introducing ShoppingGives' Impact Graph. Learn how the Impact Graph can drive business growth and customer loyalty through enhanced customer data and audience segmentation analysis.

Build Stronger Customer Loyalty with Data-Driven Insights

Understanding your customers goes beyond transactions; it’s about connecting with them on a deeper level to understand their values and how those drive their purchase decisions. 

Consumers are increasingly making purchase decisions based on their values, and choosing to support brands with shared values. Finding value-alignment with their favorite brands enables them to feel more emotionally connected to their purchases, and creates more meaningful purchase experiences.

This means that understanding what is important to your customers is crucial for forming stronger relationships that turn into long term customer loyalty. Identifying this need, ShoppingGives created the Impact Graph—a revolutionary tool that harnesses the power of customer data, audience segmentation, and cause alignment to drive stronger business growth.

How to Get More Out of Your Customer Data

The Impact Graph isn't just another data tool; it's a catalyst for change that transforms the way businesses operate. Directing you towards the causes that align seamlessly with your customer base, the Impact Graph will empower you to make more informed marketing decisions using Impact Audience Insights—your own enhanced customer data. 

Cause Alignment and Partnerships

The Impact Graph provides businesses with access to a vast database that encompasses hundreds of millions of nonprofit data points. These data points enable you to identify the causes that resonate most with your target audience and customer base. 

Understanding which causes resonate most positively with your customers gives your business unique insights to drive prioritization and investments into cause topics, cultural moments, and specific causes that will generate the largest impact and ROI. This not only informs, but aligns your business to form more impactful partnerships with nonprofit organizations.

By partnering with nonprofits that share the same values as your customers, you can cultivate deeper customer relationships while also driving a positive impact.

Customer Segmentation

Segmentation has the potential to create more personalized customer experiences that leave a lasting impression. Leveraging the Impact Graph enables you to segment your customers based on cause-affinity and historic donation behavior. 

Every customer is unique, and the Impact Graph gives your business the opportunity to identify your customer’s cause-affinity per your internal business segments, such as loyalty members versus non-loyalty members. Breaking down your audiences into smaller, more personalized segments, empowers you to create more impactful interactions with your customers, which in turn increases customer retention and loyalty.

Hyper-Targeted Prospecting Campaigns

Paid media campaigns are an integral part of a businesses’ marketing strategy, and the Impact Graph can help with creating higher-converting campaigns by targeting distinct donor audiences based on causes they’ve previously supported.

Furthermore, successful marketing campaigns hinge on reaching the right audience with the right message. This means that personalizing paid media experiences to target audiences based on their cause-affinity not only increases the chances of conversion, but it also helps to create a more meaningful connection between the business and the customer.

Create Partnerships that Drive Social Impact and Business Growth

Consumers are not only more likely to align themselves with brands who share similar values, but they’re also willing to pay a premium to do so. This means that uncovering value-alignment between your customers and your business is paramount to forming long-term customer loyalty. 

Leveraging the Impact Graph will help you delve deeper into data-driven insights about your customers—giving you the knowledge needed to make more informed marketing decisions that drive stronger business growth.

As a business, your journey to business growth and success doesn't stop at sales and revenue; it's about building a loyal community, cultivating lasting connections between your brand, your customers, and nonprofits, and making a positive impact. By using the Impact Graph, you'll not only equip yourself to drive stronger business growth, but you’ll also ignite a business strategy that positively resonates with your customer base. 

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