Partnerships + Passion Empowering Women

Having a passion for giving back helps Glam Squad prioritize making a difference in women’s lives. Through micro-actions we can all create massive change.

Recently our company, ShoppingGives, was one of many exhibitors in Vegas at one of the largest retail conferences in the country, Shoptalk. We were excited to exhibit along with the retail industry's most cutting edge technology companies and we're thrilled to continue to lead the way in charitable giving for retail partners.

While our approach to creating impact is unique, we were far from alone from discussing the importance of corporate social responsibility. From sessions to solutions, the shift towards social impact was seen throughout, further confirming that conscious consumption is here to stay.

One of the highlights of the week was when the stars aligned and we got a chance to talk with Amy Shector, CEO of Glam Squad, an at-home, on-demand beauty service. Somehow she has prioritized giving back, even with all the responsibilities and hustle of being a leader in a rapidly growing business.

Right when I first spoke with Amy, I instantly felt a warmth and authentic passion for the greater good. She's just one of those people you can tell is giving back for all the right reasons. It's in her blood, as some may say. When we initially connected with Amy, I'll admit, I was literally choking back tears from hearing Amy's stories of the experiences they have had through the events they host for women in need.

"One of the women I was talking to said she hadn't been touched in a sincere and warm way in almost 10 years."

I'll admit, as a young thirty-something woman with a fiancee and a community of friends and family, it's so hard to truly understand that feeling. My chest clenched and stomach dropped, but I also felt this overwhelming rush of gratitude. I just knew then, we had to share their story. We always go back to our core belief that micro-actions lead to macro-impact. And even though Amy and her partners have made a profound impact on the community of women who have been lucky enough to be a part of her events, her humility made us wonder --

Do others feel as though talking about the social impact their company creates, no matter how big or small, take away from the deed itself?

Do people feel as though they don't have the power to do something on a large scale, then they hesitate to do anything at all?

Is profoundly impacting even one person make it worth it?

We think so. Glam Squad knows so.

When we hear stories about women who have very little joy and celebration in life, but are brought to tears because for one day they are made to feel beautiful and acknowledged, it becomes apparent that every little bit counts.

Hear more about Glam Squad's impactful experiences, surprising reactions when trying to find resources to help, and how to choose partnerships that can be crucial to jumpstarting your CSR initiatives.

Final Thought:

We challenge you to give yourself permission, if you haven't already, to follow your heart and do something, anything. You never know how powerful the impact you can have on even one person. And if you already have a story, share it with the world! You never know who is listening that could be moved to help.

If you're interested in helping Amy and the Glam Squad for their next event, contact us at and we'll get you in touch. Every little bit helps.

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