Social Impact Helps eCommerce Helpdesk

Combine social impact and customer service to create more engaging customer experiences with an integration through ShoppingGives and Gorgias.

We're excited to announce that we are teaming up with Gorgias to help you create an all-new customer journey experience! Gorgias is an Ecommerce helpdesk that helps to turn your customer service into a profit center. By combining your social impact strategy with a customer service tactic, you can easily inform and educate customers of your giving strategy while also providing effective customer support.

Through this non-technical integration between ShoppingGives and Gorgias, you can engage your customers with value alignment and social impact throughout their buying journey, which will help you with creating loyal customers and increasing your customer retention rate.

Through using Gorgias' chatbot feature, you can increase customer engagement with your social impact strategy and increase your donation activation rate all while offering top of the line customer support. You can let customers know that 1% of their purchase will be donated when they select a cause and offer to answer any questions they have-- whether it's about donations or products and shipping.

Using Gorgias is a quick and easy way to better inform your customers of how the donation process works and how they can get involved with your impact strategy. Your customers may not be aware that their purchase is eligible for a donation, so this is a great way to share your impact strategy seamlessly during their shopping journey.

Through the chatbot feature you can even offer to help your customers with finding their favorite causes, or show them where they can opt-in to support the causes that your brand cares about as well. You can even use this feature to promote any special giving campaigns that you're running, like COVID-19 relief or breast cancer awareness month, for example!

However you choose to utilize this feature, by informing and educating your customers of your impact strategy, you can increase your donation activation rate and average order value (AOV)! Once customers know that their purchase helps support causes they care about, they're more likely to convert and increase their purchase value.

Utilizing Gorgias' chatbot feature to promote your impact strategy makes connecting with your customers that much easier, and enhances the social impact strategy that you already use and love.

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