Introducing the New ShoppingGives

Welcome to ShoppingGives 3.0. We're evolving to power impact beyond a transaction and are introducing a new brand to guide us towards our vision of inspiring purpose every day.

Welcome to ShoppingGives 3.0

Since our founding, we’ve been committed to creating impact by connecting businesses, nonprofits, and consumers to create The Giving Economy that’s driven by purpose. As we look ahead at the future of social impact, we’ve realized that there are growing opportunities to power impact beyond transactions.

In assessing how we can maximize our impact, we’ve discovered our true north—

This true north inspired an intriguing vision for the world of social impact and a compelling belief in humanity’s potential to cultivate good. It was this vision that inspired us to reimagine ShoppingGives and the branding behind us.

As the trailblazer known for making it easy to incorporate impact into daily life, we’re creating more opportunities for businesses to incorporate purpose into their go-to-market strategy; consumers the ability to align with brands that share their values; and for nonprofits to fundraise more efficiently, and with value-aligned partners.

With this evolution of our vision, we focused on the three top priorities for businesses

1. The cost and time involved in managing and executing cause marketing compliance and regulation and financial backend management. 

2. The process of identifying the causes that align with both the business and their customers. 

3. The understanding of how profit meets purpose and the bottom-line impact for businesses.

We enable our customers to realize our vision through our pillars

These three pillars amplify our commitment to seamlessly power purpose across businesses, making it easier than ever to prioritize impact in a strategic way. Enabling businesses to have flexibility in the way they give back and to have access to more powerful customer insights sets our true north in motion to inspire purpose every day. 

Our brand refresh aligns with the future of ShoppingGives and our growing solutions. You’ll be greeted with our new look as soon as you arrive at our website, with even more resources to help you explore our Social Impact Stack— the infrastructure to activate impact throughout your business and customer journey with ease.

Alongside our refreshed vision, we’re introducing a new verbal identity. Our updated logos, colors, and imagery are helping us create a personality that conveys our position as trusted social impact leaders. Our usage of lifestyle imagery helps us communicate a story of the partners we work with and the customers they support.

Our updated logo combines sharp elegance with graceful curves, and is designed to convey a more captivating, effortless and mindful vision for ShoppingGives.

Our community of over 2,400 merchant partners is invited to share their commitment to social impact and partnership with ShoppingGives with our new logos and badges. We invite you to access our updated library of assets.

We’re the same beloved donation technology as before, but we’re innovating and evolving to better equip businesses, nonprofits, and consumers to achieve more through social impact. Our seamless donation technology continues to operate the same, and consumers will still have the opportunity to align their values with each purchase when shopping with our merchant partners through our onsite technology.

ShoppingGives began as a solution for businesses to enable charitable giving through online purchases, and we are evolving to give businesses the opportunity to enable moments of impact throughout their entire marketing funnel. Whether online, in-store, or through personalized touch points, every interaction with their customers has the opportunity to create a positive impact.

We’re envisioning a future where each mile driven in your car can be transformed into donations that support environmental nonprofits; where businesses can create more meaningful interactions with their rewards program members through exclusive donation offerings; and where consumers can be reengaged beyond a purchase through personalized impact messaging. All of this and more are possible through ShoppingGives, but we’re not stopping here.

We’re continuing to innovate and cultivate social good, which means you can expect more exciting changes from ShoppingGives in the near future. We’re more focused than ever on shifting mindsets, challenging norms, and creating a powerful infrastructure that inspires purpose every day.

Welcome to ShoppingGives 3.0. Let's cultivate good through commerce, together. 

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