KraveBeauty Raised Over $100k by Enabling Donations on Purchases

KraveBeauty is using strategic partnerships to maximize their impact for a cause that's important to their brand. Learn how KraveBeauty is integrating their brand values throughout the customer journey to make an impact while creating more engaging customer experiences.

KraveBeauty is pressing reset on the skincare industry with their sustainability-focused and mindfully created line of skincare products. On a mission to slow down the effects that the skincare industry has on the environment, KraveBeauty works to eliminate waste from skincare products. 

Driven by sustainability, KraveBeauty partnered with ShoppingGives to expand their social impact efforts and amplify their current initiatives. They were also in search of an opportunity to form a deeper connection with a sustainability-focused nonprofit organization. 

Since partnering with ShoppingGives, KraveBeauty has been able to create a strong partnership with Women’s Earth Alliance. Since the start of the partnership, KraveBeauty has raised over $100k for Women’s Earth Alliance.

The Strategy Behind the Impact

On purchases made from their website, KraveBeauty donates 1% towards Women’s Earth Alliance. KraveBeauty utilizes a default cause, a feature through ShoppingGives’ donation technology that enables them to create an automatic donation anytime a purchase is made. This enables KraveBeauty to maximize their impact towards Women’s Earth Alliance, without their customers having to take action to ensure a donation is created.

Source: KraveBeauty


  • KraveBeauty raised over $100k for Women's Earth Alliance.

Impactful Storytelling

In addition to highlighting their giving initiatives on every product page, KraveBeauty also has a dedicated impact page on their website that invites their customers to learn more about their sustainability initiatives.

Through this page, KraveBeauty educates their customers about the harmful effects that the skincare industry has on the environment through engaging storytelling. Shoppers can also learn about the processes and philosophies that KraveBeauty follows to protect the planet.

Source: KraveBeauty

Social Impact as a Core Pillar of Business

KraveBeauty further demonstrates their commitment to sustainability through their annual Impact Report. This report outlines KraveBeauty’s impact pillars, charitable donation figures, their commitments to the planet, people, and communities, their carbon footprint, and more. KraveBeauty also uses this report to share further details into their partnership with Women’s Earth Alliance and the work they do to support their organization.

Source: KraveBeauty

Driven by purpose, KraveBeauty also uses their social media channels as a platform to educate their audience about sustainability and their values. By integrating their values and impact initiatives throughout their business, KraveBeauty makes it easier for their customers to understand what is important to them, and to see their authentic commitment to using their business as a force for good.

For KraveBeauty, sustainability is more than a buzzword— it’s a lifestyle. In everything they do, KraveBeauty has the environment in mind. From their product philosophy, their charitable giving initiatives, and everything in between, consumers are able to see KraveBeauty’s commitment to the planet at every touchpoint with the brand.  

By enabling donations on every purchase to support Women’s Earth Alliance, KraveBeauty has been able to further their mission. Their approach to sustainability not only helps KraveBeauty increase the positive impact that they make, but it also enables their customers to feel more connected to their purchases, knowing that they’re supporting a purpose-driven brand.

“The ShoppingGives team has been integral in helping us refine our social impact strategy and establishing our meaningful partnership with the Women’s Earth Alliance. By leveraging ShoppingGives’ technology, we’re able to enhance our credibility with customers by providing transparency into our giving efforts." - Andy Chiu, General Manager at KraveBeauty

By leveraging ShoppingGives’ integrated social impact technology, KraveBeauty is able to maximize their impact and create a stronger relationship with a nonprofit organization that is important to them.

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