Support Pride Month 2023: A Corporate Guide

Explore how your business can support the LGBTQ+ community during June and beyond with our guide for getting involved in Pride Month 2023. Get tips for supporting the cause and how to extend your commitment to equality and inclusion to your customers and employees.

Our expert recommendations for who to support and how to give.

How to Advocate for Pride Month 2023

Pride month in June is devoted to recognizing and celebrating the LGBTQ+ community and supporting LGBTQ+ rights. To avoid the experience of discrimination, more than half of LGBTQ+ Americans report hiding a personal relationship, and about one-third have altered other aspects of their personal or work lives. Pride Month is a time for us to work to achieve equal justice and equal opportunity for LGBTQ+ individuals, to ensure that everyone feels safe, supported, and treated fairly. 

Pride Month originated from the Stonewall Riots in June 1969, which marked a pivotal moment in the LGBTQ+ rights movement. Pride Month celebrations provide a platform for individuals and communities to express their identities openly, which fosters a sense of belonging and empowerment. This is why the recognition of Pride Month is greatly important, and why businesses need to get involved in fighting for equal rights.

We are raising awareness for the importance of Pride Month by highlighting organizations that are advocating for equal rights and supporting the LGBTQ+ community. How can your business be a corporate ally for Pride? Here are some tactics that you can use to get involved and amplify the importance of Pride, beyond the month of June.

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Pride and LGBTQ+ Nonprofits Making an Impact

We pulled a list of organizations that are fighting for gay rights and equality within the LGBTQ+ community. We encourage you to get involved in their efforts in support of Pride Month.

Outright International

Source: Outright International

Outright International (EIN: 94-3139952) is dedicated to working with partners around the globe to strengthen the capacity of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and queer (LGBTIQ) human rights movement, document and amplify human rights violations against LGBTIQ people, and advocate for inclusion and equality. Founded in 1990, with staff in over a dozen countries, Outright works with the United Nations, regional human rights monitoring bodies, civil society partners, and the philanthropic and corporate sectors. Outright holds consultative status at the United Nations where it serves as the secretariat of the UN LGBTI Core Group.

It Gets Better Project

Source: It Gets Better Project

It Gets Better Project (EIN: 26-1906629) exists to uplift, empower and connect LGBTQ+ youth around the globe through inspiring media programming, educational resources, international affiliates in 19 countries, and access to an arsenal of community-based service providers. Through storytelling, global community building, and education, It Gets Better Project works to create a world where lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) youth around the globe are free to live equally and know their worthiness and power as individuals.

LGBTQ Freedom Fund

Source: LGBTQ Freedom Fund

LGBTQ Freedom Fund (EIN: 82-2069282) pays bail to secure the safety and liberty of low-income individuals in U.S. jails and immigration facilities. LGBTQ+ people are 3x more likely to be incarcerated than non-LGBTQ+ individuals, and at risk of abuse, many can't afford bail. This is why LGBTQ Freedom Fund is on a mission to raise awareness of the criminalization of LGBTQ+ people.

How Businesses Can be Corporate Allies During and Beyond Pride Month

Businesses have a vital role surrounding Pride Month. However, it’s crucial to get involved in a way that’s genuine to your brand and your brand values, and is more robust than just incorporating rainbow imagery into your branding for the month of June. 

By getting your business involved in supporting Pride Month, you demonstrate your commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and equality. Inclusivity has become increasingly important to the younger generation of consumers who value social causes and expect businesses to align with their values. Supporting Pride Month allows businesses to engage with the LGBTQ+ community and build meaningful connections, both with employees and customers. It sends a powerful message that your company values diversity, which creates an inclusive work environment and attracts a more diverse customer base.

Engaging in Pride Month initiatives can also lead to more positive brand perception and increased brand loyalty. When businesses authentically support LGBTQ+ causes, they demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility and equality. This resonates with consumers who are more likely to support and promote businesses that align with their own values. 

By participating in Pride Month events, sponsoring LGBTQ+ organizations through charitable donations, or implementing inclusive policies in the workplace, your brand can strengthen your reputation around social impact, increase brand loyalty, and stand out against the competition for socially conscious consumers.

Actionable Tactics for Pride Month Initiatives

You can use your platform to educate others on the importance of Pride and advocate for equality. Your marketing channels are a great way to inform people about the obstacles that the LGBTQ+ community faces, and is a place to easily provide resources for those seeking help. 

To give back for Pride Month we encourage you to support the recommended nonprofits shared above. Through ShoppingGives, you can support the organizations individually, or as a group through our “Supporting LGBTQ+ Communities 🏳️‍🌈cause portfolio.

Your business can spotlight the cause by running a flash giving event. You can donate an extra donation percentage, like 20% or 50%, for a 24-hour timeframe in support of a nonprofit organization that is advocating for equal rights. This tactic is an easy way to capture the attention of your customers and motivate them to make a purchase.

If you partner with influencers, you could also create a month-long campaign in collaboration with influencers within the LGBTQ+ community. You and your partnered influencer can share stories around what it means to be LGBTQ+ and how it has affected them to raise awareness for the importance of LGBTQ+ rights.

As a part of this collaboration, you could donate extra on a specific product collection in support of the cause. This will encourage your customers to shop from that specific collection and make an impact with their purchase.

To streamline your giving initiatives, leverage the ShoppingGives’ donation technology to give back to LGBTQ+ nonprofit organizations. If your business uses the Shopify platform, you can download the ShoppingGives Donation App and begin giving within minutes. For businesses on other eCommerce platforms, you can connect with our team and learn more about getting involved.

Promote Your Involvement 

To maximize your impact around Pride Month, include messaging around your efforts throughout your marketing funnel. Social media, email, and onsite marketing are great ways to highlight your giving initiatives and raise awareness around the cause.

We recommend announcing your campaign through social media and email. This gives you an opportunity to tell a story around why this cause is important to your business, explain the actions that you are taking in support of the cause, and highlight any charitable organizations that you are planning to support during this time.

You can also get your employees involved to drive excitement for your initiatives. Equality and inclusion programming in the workplace can be extremely beneficial for your employees and can help create an environment where individuals feel supported and valued. 

Actively participating in Pride Month It is a powerful opportunity to foster a sense of belonging, support social causes, and drive positive change in society.

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