Introducing Product-Level Cause Donations by ShoppingGives

Discover how eCommerce brands can create capsule-collection impact through ShoppingGives' Product-Level Cause Donations feature.

We've always believed that there is no one way to give back, and we love being able to provide our partners with countless ways to customize their giving strategy. Staying true to your brand is crucial, and every initiative that you implement should be aligned with your branding. 

At ShoppingGives, we always want to enable our retail partners to give back in a way that best aligns with their brand. To make the giving even more customizable with the Change Commerce app, we've introduced product-level cause donations.

With product-level cause donations (PLCD), we want to enable brands to get even more granular and specific with their giving than ever before. Through PLCD, our partners are empowered to create capsule collection impact by designating specific causes or nonprofits to a specific product.

With the release of PLCD, Change Commerce app users now have the option to pick between two giving experiences: Let your customers choose and Donate to causes you set and manage by product. The difference between these two experiences is whether you would like to give your customers the option to update the selected cause or not. 

Change Commerce App Manager

All users of the Change Commerce app are able to customize the donation amount on each individual product and choose whether to include or exclude specific products, but only through the use of PLCD can users designate specific causes to specific products. When using PLCD, each individual product can support up to 4 individual nonprofits or 1 cause portfolio when a customer purchases that product. Whether using PLCD or not, brands still have the ability to set their global featured causes across their site as well as specialty causes by product, depending on how they'd like to support!

Product Manager

For example, a brand can choose for their core products to give back to their global featured causes while products that are within their pink line can give back to breast cancer awareness causes. This means that a customer's purchase may support only the store's global featured causes, only breast cancer awareness causes, or a combination of the two! Get creative, mix and match, and customize the way you give back to make the most impact.

Partner Example

One of our partners, Gumball Poodle,  is doing just that! Through the use of PLCD, Gumball Poodle is running a special campaign for LGBTQ+ advocacy. When someone purchases their Pride socks, a donation will be made to PFLAG, while their other products on site generates a donation for their global featured causes. Through the use of PLCD, brands are able to easily highlight specific causes for a range of campaigns.

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PLCD is a great way to utilize personalization parameters and better engage with targeted audiences. Brands can use these personalization parameters to create personalized email campaigns to re-engage with previous customers, use paid social media ads to target users who support the same causes that your brand does, and even engage more authentically with any influencers that your brand works with by allowing them to support their favorite causes on any collaborative campaign.

When using PLCD, the amount of causes that can be supported on an individual purchase are limitless. When shopping with a brand who uses our PLCD, customers will also be able to see the list of every nonprofit/cause that was supported on their purchase as well, which will engage and excite them about their purchase even more.

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"The product-level cause donations allow us to even more directly connect our brand's values to our customers and the causes we all care about. This simplifies communication and increases impact!" - Erica Easley, Founder & CEO at Gumball Poodle

How Do I Get Started?

Any retailer who uses the Change Commerce app is able to utilize PLCD. For partners on our Impact Partner or higher plans, PLCD is automatically included in the partnership agreement. For partners on our Impact Starter or Plus plans, PLCD can be purchased and added-on through our a la carte options

To utilize PLCD on the Impact Starter or Plus plans, users can upgrade their access from within the Product Manager in the Change Commerce app. To upgrade your access, open the Change Commerce app > Settings > Products > click on any product > Upgrade to Access.

If you are interested in learning more about PLCD and integrating this feature into your giving strategy, you can contact us at

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