Introducing ShoppingGives for Shopify POS

Shopify brands can create omnichannel impact by integrating ShoppingGives' donation technology for Shopify POS.
ShoppingGives x Shopify POS

Introducing Giving for Shopify POS

We are beyond thrilled to be able to offer giving for Shopify POS! Our vision at ShoppingGives is to enable impact on every purchase. By integrating our donation technology into Shopify POS, we are able to capture transactions at all locations to increase the opportunities for impact wherever your customers choose to shop.

By enabling giving for Shopify POS, Shopify brands are empowered to extend their online giving to their in-store customer base to elevate their brand identity, increase customer lifetime value, and incentivize purchasing behavior by supporting causes that are important to their customers. We believe that every interaction with your customers is an opportunity to create a positive impact and our new POS functionality is bringing these engaging moments with your in-store shoppers.

“The initial launch of our Shopify POS integration is only the first step of ShoppingGives' mission to extend giving into the retail space. As retail and omnichannel brands begin to re-open and welcome shoppers back in-store, we plan to be partners in making this a smooth and impactful transition." - Dzenita Cifric, Senior Product Manager at ShoppingGives

How Shopify Brands Can Integrate Giving for Shopify POS

To get started with using the Change Commerce app for Shopify POS, you’ll just need to follow a few simple steps to begin creating a positive impact for your in-store experience!

  • Install the Change Commerce app to your Shopify store (if you haven’t already).
  • Configure your giving experience.
  • Turn on the POS Store Donations on Purchase campaign.
  • Add the Change Commerce tile to your Shopify POS Smart Grid.

Similar to our online giving functionality, retailers utilizing the Change Commerce app for Shopify POS can configure their in-store giving experience to either enable customers to choose which cause to support with their purchase or they can set a default cause that their brand would like to support on all purchases.

It's easy to configure your giving experience.

When using the Let Customers Choose giving experience, your customers have the option to select the cause that they would like to support with their purchase. This experience is a great way to get your customers more involved in your giving strategy by empowering them to make the cause selection choice. We recommend using the following language to introduce your in-store customer to your giving experience during their checkout process: “For every purchase made at our store, we donate to a cause that you support. Would you like to support a cause with your purchase today? Remember, WE will be doing the donating on your behalf”. If they would like to include a donation with their purchase, you can then share the cause selection with them and enable them to select a cause of their choice.

When using the Donate to Causes You Set and Manage by Product giving experience, every purchase will automatically donate to your set featured causes. This experience is a great way for your brand to tell a story around your giving by highlighting the causes that you care about most, or to create massive impact for a cause that’s local to your community.

When using this experience, we recommend using the following language to introduce your in-store customer to your giving experience during their checkout process: “For every purchase made at our store, our company is donating $x.xx to support our local community. This cause is extremely important to us because…”. This is your brand’s opportunity to explain to your customer why you support a specific cause and can help to create meaningful interactions with your customers.

Just one click away from in-store giving activation

Once the POS Store Donations on Purchase campaign is activated, your program will begin to recognize transactions with donations at point of sale in our system. The final step to get up and running with your new in-store giving experience is to add the Change Commerce tile to your Shopify POS Smart Grid— now you’re ready to start making an impact!

Enabling giving for Shopify POS can help your brand elevate your in-store customer experience by surprising your customers with a charitable donation, at no extra cost to them. This functionality has the power to create a unique and authentic interaction, which can then increase customer retention, loyalty, and lifetime value as well.

Features and Benefits of Giving for Shopify POS

POS Dedicated Dashboard and Reporting

With using the Change Commerce app for Shopify POS, you are able to filter the Change Commerce app dashboard by channel to view donations by In-Store Orders versus Online Orders. In the donation reporting within the Change Commerce app, you can filter by donation source as well to view donation data for Point of Sale Orders versus Online Orders.

POS Dashboard

POS Donation Report

This reporting will enable you to better understand your in-store shoppers and who they support, if given the opportunity to select a cause of their choice.You can then use these data and insights for retargeting efforts to encourage your customers to come back in-store and support that same cause when they make another purchase.

Cause Marketing Compliance

Using the Change Commerce app for Shopify POS ensures that your in-store giving efforts are fully compliant with cause marketing regulation. We ensure that your store is meeting these compliance requirements by enabling donation confirmation in the Post Purchase Confirmation Modal, the Donation Confirmation Email, and in the customer Receipt and Order Notes. By including the donation confirmation during your customer’s checkout journey, they are able to see the exact donation amount that was created and which nonprofit that donation is supporting.

Best Practices When Giving Back In-Store

Store Donations at Point of Sale

Merchant partners who are using the Change Commerce app for Shopify POS can create an omni-channel giving experience and are enabled to feature up to 6 causes that your brand supports in addition to having the option to allow customers to select a cause as well. Your customers will be delighted to know that whether they shop with your brand in-store or online, each purchase that they make will create a positive impact for a great cause.

Support Local Causes

Giving for Shopify POS is also a great way to support local initiatives. With shopping in-store, you can give your customers an opportunity to support causes that are relevant to the local community and create an even more engaging and authentic experience when making their purchase.

A great example of this could be raising funds for your local elementary school as your shoppers are shopping in-store for clothes and other items to prepare for the beginning of the school year. While your customers complete their back-to-school shopping, they can feel empowered knowing that their purchase helped to support their child’s school as well.

Motivate Customers to Convert

Your brand can also utilize in-store print marketing when implementing the Change Commerce app for Shopify POS. This will help to educate your customers about your giving initiatives as soon as they enter your store, and will help to keep them engaged throughout their in-store purchase experience.

Most consumers are familiar with in-store print marketing that advertises sales and new arrivals, and adding impact messaging to these advertisements can create a unique experience that not only draws customers in, but also encourages them to make a purchase.

Ready to Start Building Authentic Relationships with Your Customers?

If you are interested in learning more about POS Store Donations and integrating this functionality into your brand’s giving strategy, schedule a demo with our team.

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