ShoppingGives for Salesforce Commerce Cloud AppExchange

The ShoppingGives Donation App Cartridge for B2C Commerce is now available on Salesforce Commerce Cloud to enable businesses to launch, scale, and optimize their charitable giving strategies.

The ShoppingGives Donation App Cartridge is now live on Salesforce Commerce Cloud AppExchange, the world’s leading enterprise cloud marketplace.

ShoppingGives Donation App for Salesforce AppExchange

The ShoppingGives Donation App Cartridge for B2C Commerce is now available on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud AppExchange! As a Salesforce-certified cartridge, we are enabling merchants to streamline their social impact strategy. Merchants will be able to take control of their giving initiatives with our all-in-one donation management solution.

What is AppExchange?

Salesforce AppExchange is the leading enterprise cloud marketplace where Salesforce B2C Commerce merchants can maximize their use of the Salesforce platform. As a dependable source for scalable and robust solutions, AppExchange is helping enterprise merchants elevate their existing eCommerce experience. Merchants can reach their full potential by being connected with the right partners and integrations for their business. 

As a Salesforce-certified technology, ShoppingGives is now a trusted integration partner for Salesforce Enterprise businesses. Our Salesforce donation app cartridge enables merchants to integrate an eCommerce donation experience for their online store with ease.

Features and Benefits of Using ShoppingGives for Your Salesforce B2C Business 

Benefits of ShoppingGives’ Donation Technology

The ShoppingGives Donation App cartridge makes it easy for merchants to give back to the causes they care about. Salesforce merchants can easily leverage a 100% regulatory compliant donation solution that is fully managed for them. ShoppingGives also ensures that 100% of donations are always sent to the supported nonprofit.

Merchants will also have access to exclusive data and insights into the causes their customers care about. This data helps better allocate budget and personalize marketing campaigns to create more positive customer experiences.

The younger generation of customers are expecting their favorite brands to give back. Integrating social impact throughout the customer journey can build more loyal communities through value-alignment.

Features of the ShoppingGives Donation App Cartridge

The ShoppingGives Donation App cartridge offers merchants a solution for creating a tailored giving strategy that aligns with their values. With the power to manage donation amounts, cause selections, and more, merchants can take control of their giving strategy effortlessly. 

Merchants using the Salesforce CRM will have the ability to use ShoppingGives’ Product-Level Donation Management feature. This enables merchants to manage causes and donation amounts at the product-level and create capsule collection impact. Merchants can designate specific products to support specific nonprofits or causes and create an entirely custom giving campaign.

Salesforce merchants can also leverage ShoppingGives’ integrations with Yotpo Loyalty and Klaviyo. This integration will help merchants create more personalized and engaging customer interactions at every touch point.

Yotpo Loyalty

ShoppingGives’ integration with Yotpo Loyalty enables merchants to combine their customer loyalty program with social impact. Merchants can reward their customers for creating donations on purchases with loyalty points. They can also empower their customers to redeem those loyalty points for additional donations.

Implementing donations within a loyalty program has the power to strengthen the customer’s bond with the brand. It can also inspire more purchases, and motivate them to come back.


ShoppingGives’ integration with Klaviyo enables merchants to integrate social impact into their email marketing campaigns. Merchants can leverage personalized donation data from their customer’s previous purchases to create more engaging email experiences that convert. From welcome series to re-engagement emails, merchants can include personalized impact-focused messaging throughout their email journeys. This strategy can help to create more engaging customer experiences.

Merchants Using ShoppingGives’ Donation Technology to Streamline their Social Impact Initiatives


Coach partners with ShoppingGives to expand their impact efforts and get their customers more involved in their cause marketing initiatives. Coach leverages ShoppingGives’ donation technology to enable donations on purchases made from their Coach Insider members.

This strategy helps to build stronger customer loyalty through their Coach Insider program. This not only helps to engage their most loyal customers, but it also motivates other customers to join the program. Knowing that their purchases can begin generating charitable donations is a powerful motivator to become a Coach Insider member.

Source: Coach

Coach recently launched Coachtopia— a world of circular craft that is building towards a better future for our planet. Every purchase made from Coachtopia gives back to a charitable cause through their partnership with ShoppingGives. 

Christy Sports

Christy Sports partners with ShoppingGives to maximize their impact and engage their customers through their social impact efforts. As an evergreen giving strategy, Christy Sports donates 1% on all purchases made from their website. They also increase their donation amount during times of need. Using ShoppingGives’ flexible donation technology, Christy Sports is able to shift their giving efforts to support timely causes. 

Source: Christy Sports

From natural disasters, to GivingTuesday, Christy Sports leverages ShoppingGives to give back to the causes and communities in the most need. 

How to Integrate Charitable Donations for Your Salesforce Business

Are you ready to enable a donation strategy for your Salesforce business? You can integrate the ShoppingGives Donation App Cartridge for B2C Commerce from Salesforce AppExchange. This standardized integration is easy to implement, and our customer support team is available to help.

With flexible features, you’ll be able to create a social impact strategy that’s tailored to your business. Learn more about how a social impact strategy can help you drive sales and maximize customer loyalty. Get started with the all-in-one donation app for Salesforce Commerce Cloud below.

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