ShoppingGives Partners with PayPal Giving Fund

Giving back just got easier! With this new partnership, ShoppingGives is using the power of technology to make charitable giving a part of everyday life.

We are excited to announce our newest partnership with PayPal Giving Fund! Through this it will be even easier for nonprofit organizations to receive donations from retailers. This partnership is especially meaningful to us because it increases the opportunity to create life-changing social impact through everyday shopping as we work towards building a giving economy.

PayPal Giving Fund is a Donor Advised Fund that aims to inspire a new wave of philanthropy by using the power of technology to make charitable giving part of everyday life.

Consumers are increasingly demanding that businesses should use their presence in the market to do good and give back -- PayPal Giving Fund is making the process of receiving donations as seamless as possible. Each year, PayPal Giving Fund receives more than $400 million in donations to benefit nonprofit organizations in both the US and the UK (PayPal Giving Fund).

The partnership is a perfect match, as it is ShoppingGives' mission to make an impact on the world and revolutionize the way consumers engage in charitable giving. Today, consumers hold social responsibility to a higher standard and are expecting companies to do their part to enact positive change. The ShoppingGives and PayPal Giving Fund partnership will ensure that every nonprofit organization can receive their donations as quickly as possible, because we also understand the importance of time when it comes to helping those in need.

With ShoppingGives, part of a customers purchase at their favorite online store is donated to charity. Most importantly, they can choose which charity to support. No matter how big or small the nonprofit is, ShoppingGives wants customers to have the freedom to give back without costing them more money. Partnering with PayPal Giving Fund makes it that much easier to grant donations among all the possible nonprofits customers can choose.

As our one-of-a-kind technology evolved, we realized the importance of offering a simple solution for disbursement of funds to our charity partners. We aren't stopping there in the near future, nonprofits will have the ability to login using their PayPal account on and easily claim their funds. They will also have access to invaluable insights about which retailers are donating to them and have transparency as to who supports them through purchases. We are excited to offer beneficial data to nonprofits, in hopes they use this data to help foster relationships with their supporters, as well as build new relationships with retailers and brands.

At ShoppingGives, we do what we do because we love seeing the positive impact that can be created when people care about giving back. And luckily for all of us, people do care. As consumers are choosing to vote with their wallets and find brands that align with their values, it is evident that shopping trends are evolving to be more socially responsible. We exist to show others all of the good that comes from giving back, and to get people as excited and passionate as we are.

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