Steve Madden Saw a 6.5X Increase in CLTV Through Customer Add-On Donations

Discover how Steve Madden, a renowned footwear and apparel brand, achieved a 6.5X increase in customer lifetime value by integrating Customer Add-On Donations for their eCommerce website.

Steve Madden is a NY-based footwear and apparel brand that has grown to be an internationally loved retailer for on-trend handbags, footwear, and accessories. Believing in leveraging the power of fashion to be a global force for good, Steve Madden focuses their impact efforts around four core pillars— planet, people, community, and customers.

Committed to supporting their core pillars, Steve Madden partnered with ShoppingGives to streamline their giving and place it at the forefront of their business for their customers to participate in. Since their founding in 1990, Steve Madden has focused on giving back, but felt that there was a disconnect between their giving efforts and the shopper.

To bridge the gap between social impact and their customers, Steve Madden leveraged their partnership with ShoppingGives to enable Customer Add-On Donations on their website. Since utilizing Add-On Donations, Steve Madden has seen a 6.5X increase in customer lifetime value (CLTV) of repeat customers who donated after their first purchase.

The Strategy Behind the Impact

Throughout the year, Steve Madden brings awareness to various cause awareness moments and gives their customers the opportunity to add on a donation amount of their choice to every purchase. They have supported cause awareness moments like Pride Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, the Stop AAPI Hate movement, and more.

For Pride Month 2023, Steve Madden supported the Callen-Lorde Community Health Center and helped amplify their Pride 2023 theme of, “Empowering Health”, to celebrate the LGBTQ+ communities’ right to determine their own health needs. During this campaign, Steve Madden matched every donation their customers added to their purchase, dollar for dollar.

Source: Steve Madden

Since partnering with ShoppingGives to streamline their charitable giving initiatives, Steve Madden has seen increases in repeat purchases, average order value (AOV), and CLTV.


  • 50% increase in repeat purchases when customers donate on their first purchase. 
  • 6% increase in AOV per purchase.
  • 6.5X CLTV of repeat customers who donated after their first purchase.

Activating on Timely Causes

Steve Madden also implements opportunities to support multiple organizations for a singular cause awareness moment. For Black History Month 2022, Steve Madden highlighted four nonprofit organizations through their Black History in the Making cause portfolio—Pinky Cole Foundation, Howard University, Fearless Fund, and Harlem Park to Park Initiative. 

Source: Steve Madden

For every cause awareness campaign that Steve Madden enables, they create a dedicated landing page where their customers can learn more about the cause and the nonprofits that are being supported. They also utilize email marketing to inform their customers about new cause awareness campaigns they are running and let them know how they can get involved in the cause.

Source: Steve Madden

Driving Performance Through Social Impact

Today, socially conscious consumers are not only more likely to make a purchase if they know that a brand is purpose-driven, but they’re also willing to spend more if they know that their purchase supports a charitable cause. For Steve Madden, customers who see their giving activations on the website and create donations on their purchases are more likely to become loyal customers.

By prioritizing their giving initiatives, Steve Madden has been able to cultivate deeper customer relationships that positively impact their bottom line. In matching customer donations dollar for dollar and highlighting their giving efforts throughout their marketing channels, customers are able to better understand Steve Madden’s genuine commitment to making a positive impact through their businesses.

Since leveraging ShoppingGives’ integrated social impact technology, Steve Madden is better able to connect their customers to their social impact initiatives while driving stronger customer loyalty and increased revenue.

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