Supporting Humanitarian Relief for Israel and Gaza

Explore how your business can support the communities who have been impacted by the Israel-Hamas war. This quick guide will give you tactical recommendations for getting involved and supporting the victims of the recent attacks.

Our expert recommendations for who to support and how to give.

Humanitarian Relief for the Israel and Palestine War

On October 7th, Hamas, a Palestinian militant group, launched an unprecedented attack on Israel from within the Gaza Strip. In response, Israel began its own counter offensive in Gaza. While the fighting appears to be far from finished, the destruction and loss of innocent lives has been severe and immediate. 

As the Israel-Hamas conflict leaves more than 1,300 deceased, thousands injured, and at least 100 taken hostage, this attack is the deadliest offensive that Israel has experienced in 50 years.

As we come together to help those in need, we’ve compiled a list of credible organizations that are actively working to provide emergency relief to the victims of this tragedy. Here are some recommendations that you can use to get involved in supporting the people of Israel, Gaza, and the affected surrounding communities.

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Support Nonprofits Making an Impact for the Affected Communities

The following organizations have a long history of working with those on both sides of this conflict and are well positioned to provide immediate aid to the victims and communities that have been impacted by this dramatic escalation of violence. We encourage you to get involved in their efforts to help those caught in the middle as the devastation continues.

Humanitarian Relief for Israel & Palestine War Cause Portfolio

Support Israel Cause Portfolio

To get involved in charitable fundraising for the cause, we encourage you to support the recommended nonprofits shared above. Through ShoppingGives, you can support the organizations individually, or as a group through our “Humanitarian Relief for Israel & Palestine War” or our “Support Israel” cause portfolios.

To maximize impact for the affected communities, we recommend increasing your typical donation amounts for a limited time in support of the cause. For example, if you typically donate 1% on purchases, you could increase your donation amount to 20% for a week. 

You could also increase the donation amount on a specific product or product collection to raise awareness for the cause, as well as increase the amount of impact made. Donating 50% on a specific product towards one of these cause portfolios or individual organizations has the power to create incredible impact for a timely cause.

Get Involved in the Unprecedented Crisis

As Israel and Gaza continue to be devastated by this conflict, it’s crucial that we come together to support the affected communities. By donating to the relief organizations mentioned above, your business has the opportunity to become a beacon of hope and a catalyst for change. Let’s stand together and make a lasting impact on the lives of those who need it the most.

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