Your Guide for Celebrating Women’s History Month 2023

March is Women's History Month and we're highlighting women’s empowerment nonprofit organizations that are advocating for gender equality. Explore our Guide for Celebrating Women's History Month 2023 to see how you can get involved.

Our expert recommendations for who to support and how to give.

How to Celebrate Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month, a time to commemorate and celebrate the vital role of women throughout American history. Women’s History Month began in 1981 as a national celebration known as “Women’s History Week”, which was to be kicked off with International Women’s Day celebrated on March 8th.

Throughout history, women have been excluded as equals and women of minority populations have faced increased oppression. Even today, it’s crucial to have continued conversations around gender equality. Women’s History Month gives us an opportunity to not only celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of women, but also to continue the fight against global gender injustices. To truly convey the importance of Women’s History Month, celebrations need to be thoughtful and intentional.

We are celebrating by highlighting incredible nonprofit organizations that are advocating for women’s empowerment around the globe. Here’s what your business can do to get involved.

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Women’s Empowerment Nonprofits Making an Impact

We compiled a list of inspiring organizations that are advocating for the rights of women and girls everywhere, and encourage you to get involved in supporting their efforts in support of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day.

Women for Women International

Source: Women for Women International

Women for Women International (EIN: 52-1838756) is a nonprofit organization that works at the critical intersection of women and conflict providing skills, knowledge, and resources that create sustainable change for women, their families, and their communities. They work with women survivors of war and conflict, who are often left without basic resources like food, water, and safety. 

Through their programs, Women for Women International engages with men, community structures, policy makers, and graduates of their program to address discriminatory social norms and practices, enhance and create more opportunities for women, and provide the support women need to overcome the obstacles that stand in their way.   

By investing in women, Women for Women International is creating a better world for all of us—a world that’s more equal, peaceful, and prosperous.  

Global Fund for Women

Source: Global Fund for Women

Global Fund for Women (EIN: 77-0155782) is a nonprofit organization funding women's human rights initiatives through flexible funding and support to fuel collective action and create meaningful change that will last beyond our lifetimes. They are flipping the script on traditional philanthropy, and shifting power to historically marginalized communities.

Only 1.6% of all funding makes it to women and girls, and other historically marginalized groups (especially those led by LGBTQIA+ people, Black and Indigenous people, migrants and refugees, young feminists, and sex workers) are funded even less. As a feminist funder, Global Fund for Women takes a different approach. Think less top-down decision-making, extraction, and poverty porn; and more solidarity, trust, and building collective power.

Equality Now

Source: Equality Now

Equality Now (EIN: 13-3660566) is a nonprofit organization that exists to advocate for the protection and promotion of the human rights of women and girls. Every day, women and girls around the world face violence and discrimination. 1 in 3 women will experience physical or sexual violence in their lifetime, regardless of age, background, or country, and almost every country in the world has laws that treat women and girls as second-class citizens. 

Equality Now creates programs that establish and expand laws that protect the rights of women and girls, prevent or repeal discriminatory laws, ensure existing laws and policies are enacted and fulfilled, and build sustainable partnerships with others, particularly civil society and others locally that will sustain the changes and further the equality agenda.

Girls on the Run International

Source: Girls on the Run International

Girls on the Run International (EIN: 56-2201835) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a world where every girl knows and activates her limitless potential and is free to boldly pursue her dreams. Through their programming, Girls on the Run International strengthens a sense of confidence in young girls while fostering care and compassion for self and others. 

Girls on the Run inspires girls of all abilities to recognize their individual strengths while building a sense of connection in a team setting. Their Heart & Sole programming meets the unique needs of girls of all abilities in 6th-8th grade, and offers an inclusive place of belonging, where girls feel supported and inspired to explore their emotions, cultivate empathy and strengthen their physical and emotional health. 

How You Can Support Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day

To get involved in Women’s History Month and/or International Women’s Day on March 8th, we recommend supporting all or one of the women’s empowerment nonprofits shared above. Through ShoppingGives, you can support the organizations individually, or as a group through our “Women’s Rights and Gender Equality” cause portfolio.

If you already give back, increasing your donation amount for the timely cause is a great way to increase customer engagement. For example, if you donate 1% year-round, consider increasing your donations to 5% for the month of March, or donate 20% on International Women’s Day. Not only can this help you maximize your impact for a charitable cause, but it can also help you motivate customers to convert and make a purchase.

To streamline your online giving initiatives, you can leverage the ShoppingGives’ donation technology and begin giving back to nonprofits for women’s empowerment effortlessly. If you are on the Shopify platform, you can download the ShoppingGives Donation App for Shopify and begin giving within minutes. For businesses on other eCommerce platforms, you can connect with our team and learn more about getting set up to get involved in Women’s History Month

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Promote Your Involvement 

To maximize your impact, we always recommend spreading the word throughout your marketing funnel. Whether through social media, email, or even onsite marketing, there are plenty of opportunities to highlight your giving initiatives and drive awareness around your businesses’ part in celebrating International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month.

We also recommend getting your employees involved to drive excitement for your initiatives throughout your company. Provide information on why you are choosing to support women’s empowerment nonprofits and share what your company is doing to make an impact. And if there’s opportunities for your company and employees to volunteer locally in support of the cause, even better!

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