How Working with the Right Agency can Help Scale a Mission-Driven Marketing Strategy

Defining a clear purpose that resonates with customers, employees, and stakeholders is crucial to building an authentic social impact strategy. Explore how working with the right agency can help you scale a mission-driven marketing strategy.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of marketing, brands are constantly seeking new ways to connect with their audience on a deeper level. With Millennial and Gen Z consumers making up a significant portion of the consumer market, it has become increasingly vital for brands to embrace a mission-driven marketing strategy. 

By aligning their brand’s purpose with the values of socially conscious consumers, brands can create a more powerful bond that not only fosters customer loyalty, but also ensures their relevance in the ever-changing marketplace. 

The Power of Purpose-Driven Marketing

At the heart of every mission-driven marketing strategy lies a purpose that goes beyond profit. By defining a clear purpose that resonates with the younger generation of consumers, employees, and stakeholders, brands can establish more meaningful connections and build a more loyal community.

Leading with purpose and giving back to the community can also be beneficial to their bottom line. Check out some of the statistics around brand purpose:

  • 89% of executives say companies that lead with purpose have a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace.
  • High-purpose brands will double their market value more than four times faster than low-purpose brands and will create much higher levels of total shareholder returns.
  • 63% of people buy or advocate for brands based on beliefs and values.
  • When consumers think a brand has a strong purpose, they are 4.1 times more likely to trust the company.

Leverage a Marketing Agency to Power Your Mission-Driven Marketing Strategy

Enabling a mission-driven marketing strategy can be made easy with the help of an expert agency. Our partner Hawke Media is a visionary agency that specializes in helping brands bring purpose to life across their marketing channels. With their innovative strategies and deep understanding of consumer behavior, Hawke Media can guide brands in crafting compelling narratives that engage and inspire socially conscious consumers.

The best way to enable a mission-driven marketing strategy is through powerful storytelling. Hawke Media collaborates closely with brands to uncover their unique story and craft narratives that emotionally connect with consumers, which in turn can strengthen consumer trust and loyalty.

Utilizing a marketing agency like Hawke Media to help spearhead your mission-driven marketing strategy has many benefits. Not only is it more difficult than ever to find and nurture an in-house marketer, but hiring a marketing agency can also help reduce overhead costs. In-house, you get jacks of all marketing trades. At Hawke, no matter what service you need, you get a master of that one. Don't expect your PPC expert to also be good at affiliate and branding.

Aligning Brand Purpose with Consumer and Company Values

To create a successful mission-driven marketing strategy, brands must first understand the values that drive their target audience. Consumers are quick to call out brands who are being inauthentic in their social impact initiatives. This is why integrating impact marketing throughout an organization and making it a core pillar to the business is key.

However, this does not mean that a brand cannot shift gears in the midst of a crisis or pressing social issue to raise awareness for a timely cause. The key is to implement an evergreen purpose-driven strategy that demonstrates their commitment to doing good for society.

Integrating Purpose across Marketing Channels

To maximize impact, a mission-driven marketing strategy must be seamlessly integrated across all marketing channels. From social media campaigns, to email blasts, and onsite or in-store marketing, every touchpoint with customers should reflect the brand's purpose. 

To get started, businesses should consider conducting a marketing strategy audit to identify where there are opportunities to integrate impact.

Here are our recommendations for integrating impact throughout your marketing strategy:

1.Purposeful Storytelling 

Effective storytelling is at the core of mission-driven marketing. Socially conscious consumers want to understand the positive impact that a brand makes, and creating a narrative around why a brand chooses to lead with purpose will enable customers to learn more about what the brand stands for. 

If, for example, a business is committed to being carbon neutral and is driven by sustainability, they can share their journey with customers by: 

  • Providing updates on their progress through social media.
  • Creating FAQs on their website that explain how they operate sustainably.
  • Sharing details of any nonprofit partnerships or collaborations they’re involved in through email updates.

By creating authentic and engaging content around their social impact initiatives, brands can ignite passion and inspire action.

2.Omnichannel Social Impact

Having a consistent brand experience across all touchpoints is crucial when it comes to a mission-driven marketing strategy. Consumers can easily identify whether a business is being genuine in their impact efforts or not. This means that keeping mission-driven messaging consistent across the business is a must.

Brands should ensure that they integrate purpose into their website, social media, email marketing, and other channels. This will ensure that every consumer interaction reinforces their brand's mission, fostering trust and loyalty.

If, for example, a business engages in charitable giving, they should identify how they can enable giving both online and offline. Brands can maximize their impact by creating donation opportunities for customers while they’re shopping online and in-store at the point-of-sale. This tactic will ensure that the charitable giving initiative is consistent across all channels.

3.Content Creation

As a business plans its content calendar, they should consider how they can integrate their mission-driven strategy into their marketing campaigns. Instead of only promoting products or promotions, brands should ideate how they can make their social media feed more engaging by posting about their impact initiatives. 

If for example, a brand runs a month-long campaign where they create donations on purchases made from their website, they could write a blog post that shares the details of the activation after the campaign has ended. Here are some examples of information on the campaign that could be included in the recap:

  • Why the brand chose to run this campaign.
  • Why the cause is important to their brand.
  • Which charitable organizations or influencers the brand collaborated with for the campaign.
  • The amount of impact created from the campaign.

All of these details can help customers learn more about what the brand is passionate about, and can garner more excitement for the next charitable campaign. 

Turn Loyal Customers into Brand Advocates

A mission-driven marketing strategy goes beyond simply attracting customers. It increases customer retention and empowers consumers to become brand advocates. As these advocates begin spreading awareness about a brand’s goodwill, the brand can capitalize on user-generated content created from their loyal customers and create a more engaging and meaningful community of customers.

When brands authentically engage with socially conscious consumers, they can inspire a ripple effect, creating a community of passionate brand ambassadors who actively champion the brand's mission. This powerful network not only helps drive brand growth but also contributes to the positive impact the brand seeks to achieve.

In an era where purpose and social consciousness drive consumer choices, brands cannot afford to ignore the importance of a mission-driven marketing strategy. By aligning purpose with the values of Millennial and Gen Z consumers, brands can establish more meaningful connections and foster loyalty.

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