The Future of Corporate Giving: Inside the Clearity Impact Network by ShoppingGives

The launch of the Clearity Impact Network by ShoppingGives is bringing merchants more opportunities to create fully customized donation experiences. Discover how businesses of all sizes can use Clearity’s donation platform to natively integrate social impact into their brand story and entire customer journey.

Clearity Impact Network Features

The Clearity Impact Network by ShoppingGives is the next wave of social good technology from industry leaders, ShoppingGives, that extends its already best-in-class impact stack to empower corporate giving across a brand’s entire marketing strategy with even more robust tools for managing, customizing and measuring their tactics. 

With the launch of the Clearity Impact Network, we’re introducing three areas of growth for our technology to help merchants create a fully custom donation experience.

Check out everything new with ShoppingGives’ launch of Clearity below.

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Powerful Donation Campaign Control and Management

With Clearity, we’re launching campaigns—new functionality that gives merchants more control over giving initiatives and allows them to be more specific and granular with their donation strategy. 

This donation campaign management system enables merchants to run both evergreen and limited-time campaigns, while easily managing multiple concurrent campaigns and measuring their campaigns’ progress.

Whether merchants want to match their customers' donations, create personalized giving experiences for specific audience segments such as location-based, marketing channel specific, cart value, and many more, enable donations on select products or product collections, and more, the launch of campaigns creates endless opportunities to use impact to address a full slate of marketing challenges.

Campaign Scheduling, Goals, and Maximum Contributions

Using campaigns through Clearity enables merchants to schedule out their “giving moments” for the year by creating unique and timely campaigns that automatically start and stop during their promotional period or conclude when a campaign’s donation goal or budget has been met.

Merchants can also define campaign-specific donation goals and share with customers exactly how their purchase contributes to the overall impact, creating a gamified and more engaging shopping experience. 

  • $4,608 of $12,000 Raised!

To bring that impact even more to the surface, merchants can also opt to showcase a direct impact metric to the shopper, letting their customers know exactly how far their donation goes.

  • $10 plants 100 trees

Running Concurrent Campaigns Based on Rule Sets and Customer Segments

To create fully customized donation experiences, Clearity gives merchants the ability to run multiple concurrent campaigns, mix and match their giving initiatives, create custom rule sets, and take advantage of robust audience targeting and segmentation. 

We know that treating all of your customers the same way isn’t effective, which is why we’re making Impact Marketing as personalizable as the rest of your digital marketing tools.

Merchants can now build tailored campaigns for any number of unique audience segments using Behavioral or Firmographic attributes: Session Details, Customer Details, Giving Attributes, Technology, and Cart Rules. 

The buying experience of each of these audiences can be further controlled across a selection of specific sales channels and POS locations. Merchants can also leverage these segmented audiences within custom rule sets to create a fully personalized experience.

For example, a merchant can create a campaign using geotargeting to segment customers based on session details, such as a customer’s zip code, city, or state, and run targeted campaigns to local nonprofits. 

The merchant can take this campaign a step further and invite these segmented customers to add on a donation in support of the local nonprofit, and as a thank you, the merchant will match their contribution!

All of this allows merchants to create more personalized giving experiences that drive individualized customer engagement.

As always, we support all of the most common giving experiences within the campaign manager, with one new addition:

  • Store Donation on Purchase: A merchant-funded giving experience that allows merchants to control how much they wish to donate per eligible purchase, whether a percentage of sale or a flat dollar amount per purchase.
  • Customer Add-on Donations: A customer-funded giving experience that empowers customers to add a flat dollar donation (i.e. $2) to their purchase.
  • Customer Round-up Donations: A customer-funded giving experience that empowers customers to round up their order total to the next dollar to create a donation with their purchase.
  • Let Your Customer Choose: A giving experience that empowers customers to search and select a cause of their choice from a merchant-selected set of nonprofit organizations or the entirety of our nonprofit database (1.8 Million organizations in good standing with the IRS).
  • Product-Level Cause Donations: A giving experience that allows merchants to set specific causes on individual products.
  • (NEW) Donation Matching: A giving experience that gives merchants the ability to match customer-funded donationsCreating a Donation Experience that Matches Your Branding and Style

Creating a Donation Experience that Matches Your Branding and Style

With the launch of Clearity, merchants can now have more control and flexibility in building a UX donation experience to suit their branding. 

Creating a giving experience that feels consistent with the brand and its goals will increase engagement and offer opportunities to intrigue customers to interact with the donation widget during their purchase journey—giving them a better understanding of the brand’s social impact initiatives and their role as customers within them.

Merchants could previously customize the donation widgets on the Product, Cart, and Checkout pages, and now have the added functionality also to customize the post-purchase modal and the search modal.

In addition to customizing the font and colors of the donation widget, merchants can now also rearrange elements within the widget layout, as well as determine which elements they want visible in the widget layout by toggling them on or off.

To further customize the widget experience for their customers and make the impact of their giving more tangible, merchants can display the donation amount as either the calculated dollar amount per purchase (i.e. $1.50), or as the static percentage they designate to be donated (i.e. 1%) or even as a charitable metric as defined by the partner non-profit (i.e. the number of meals given, trees planted or tonnes of carbon offset).  

Inspiration for Impact: Real-world Campaign Scenarios

With many ways to use campaigns, here are just a few examples of how merchants can create unique and specific giving initiatives through Clearity:

Example 1 - Create special giving events for customer segments alongside evergreen campaign

A merchant is committed to sustainability and supports environmental-focused nonprofits like Conservation Alliance, year-round, but wants to run a special giving campaign for Women’s History Month in March to support Heifer International’s “Fund a Female Farmer” campaign, for a segment of customers who have supported Heifer International on previous purchases, or have a historic cause affinity with Heifer International. 

This merchant can schedule a campaign supporting Heifer International on specific products for their segmented audience only, concurrently with their evergreen giving campaign. This merchant can schedule their Women’s History Month initiative supporting Heifer’s campaign to run from March 1st to 31st.

Once the final date of their campaign has passed, the Women’s History Month campaign will automatically turn off, and their evergreen campaign supporting the Conservation Alliance will continue running as usual. 

Example 2 - Empower customers to support their favorite causes, without disrupting donations to the merchant’s preferred causes

A merchant uses the Store Donation on Purchase giving experience to generate merchant-funded donations towards their preferred causes/nonprofits on purchases, but wants to give their customers the power to support a cause of their own choice on purchases too.

The merchant can enable a customer-funded giving experience, like Customer Round-up or Add-on Donations, and allow their customers to choose which cause will be supported by the donation, only on the customer-funded giving experience.

This allows merchants to ensure that their preferred causes are being supported when the donation is being funded by them, while giving their customers the power to choose a different cause on customer-funded donations.

Example 3 - Increase giving until a specific donation goal is reached

A merchant historically enables Customer Add-on Donations on online purchases and matches every donation made, but wants to enable additional merchant-funded donations on purchases, until they reach a finite donation goal of $10,000.

This merchant can set a campaign to donate a fixed amount, like $2, on every purchase. After the campaign has reached the goal of $10,000, the campaign will automatically turn off.

Insights: Data-driven Partnership Discovery and Matchmaking

The Clearity Impact Network is the brand new ecosystem for merchants and nonprofits to create stronger and more profitable cause marketing and corporate partnerships through our exclusive network. Using the power of the Impact Graph—a revolutionary tool that harnesses the power of customer data, audience segmentation, and cause alignment to drive stronger business growth, merchants who join the Impact Network can determine who the best-fit nonprofit organizations to partner with are based on the unique characteristics of their customers and brand identity. 

By identifying partners using commonalities in audience overlap and behavioral signals from both sides, we achieve a tailored fit that drives the most impactful, and successful partnerships with ease.

Additionally, merchants can always quickly select from our Spotlight nonprofits—distinguished nonprofit organizations that have been carefully selected through an extensive evaluation process, ensuring that they represent a diverse range of cause areas and organizational sizes.

Measurement: It is all about Performance

ShoppingGives has always provided transparency into our merchants’ donation metrics. With our new performance dashboard, merchants can now view their donation, business, and campaign performance metrics in a single place. 

Our Campaign Performance report empowers merchants to invest in the highest ROI and impact, based on individual campaign, date range, or UTM parameters. This allows merchants to tailor future campaigns more effectively and benchmark the performance of multiple campaigns side-by-side to identify their most effective strategies.

Our Customer Insights reports empowers merchants to understand the long-term value of their social impact efforts. With comprehensive analysis available by customer cohort, merchants can drill down into behaviors and understand their repeat purchase rate, CLTV, customer velocity, and retention rate.

Our dashboard gives merchants unmatched command of all of the important performance metrics relating both to giving and now the marketing performance data, such as conversion rates, incremental revenue, and more, that prove value and inform further optimization and success.

Start Connecting Cause with Commerce™ through Clearity

We created Clearity to help merchants authentically incorporate social good within their brands. Through this launch, we’re creating more opportunities for merchants to natively integrate impact marketing throughout their customer interactions and build a more engaging customer journey.

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